5 Inspiring and Flourishing Celebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers

5 Inspiring and Flourishing Celebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers

The term “Teenager Mom” is bandied about quite a bit nowadays. You will hear this term used with relation to dramas related to baby daddies, MTV and even rehabilitation, which is quite unfortunate. There is a reality show that has received much flak for focusing on stars who have become mothers even they are just teenagers like Leah Messer Calvert, Jenelle Evans and Maci Bookout. Their stories have achieved a kind of luster and helped sell many a tabloid and thereby advertisements too.

But the fact is, people did not see things the way they see it now. Though a girl conceiving and becoming a mother is not something that is new, a teen mother was not viewed with much favor in the days past. One may think that by having children at such a tender age, one would spoil the way the future works out. But these glamorous celebrities who have become really successful in their own fields do defy this assumption and made it big. Here is the list of 5
Inspiring and Flourishing Celebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers.

Celebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers

Sofia Vergara: She wedded her love from her childhood when she was barely 18 years old and gave birth to her son Manolo when she was barely 19 years old. A year later her marriage ended in a divorce. This gorgeous actress who is known for her role in Modern Family among others, has won quite a few Emmy Awards for her role. She claims that she is not thinking of having more children as of now.

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Aretha Franklin: She conceived her first child, a son barely 3 months after turning a teenager, that is just 3 months after her thirteenth birthday. She had given birth to her son, days after becoming 14 years old. Her second child, a son again conceived with another man was born when she turned 15 years old. Aretha has two more sons who she conceived and gave birth to as an adult. She has won as much as 18 Grammy awards for her work.

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Niki Taylor: She is a super model who seems to have it all together. The fact is she married her boyfriend, who is a arena football linebacker immediately after finishing high school. She gave birth to twins, both boys just when she turned 19 years old. She was divorced from her husband at the age of 21. But all this did not prevent her from becoming a model of worldwide renown. She is also an activist and spokeswoman for some worthy causes.

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Suzanne Somers: She claims one of the regrets that she will always have is that she did not enough time to spend with her son Bruce. She had him when she was barely 19 years old. She had to focus on work while he was growing up as she was a single mom. We can say that it has definitely paid off. This multifaceted woman is known for all the roles she has played and the things that she has achieved. All that hard work and dedication not to mention her sacrifices have resulted in her being a household name.

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Solange Knowles: She is the sister of Beyonce who is famous for having coined the word Bootylicious among many other things. If you did not know about her ( Solange Knowles), we guarantee you that you will soon hear of her. She was wedded when she was barely 17 years old and gave birth to her child, a son in nine months. She claims he is blessing that was not planned. This 26 year old singer’s latest record, named “True” has gotten a lot of notice. Fans as well as critics have liked her song “Loving You”

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