35 DIY Fashionable and Money Saving Ideas to Try This Year

June 21st, 2014

35 DIY Fashionable and Money Saving Ideas to Try This Year

If your wardrobe is full of waste outfits and fashion accessories, then DIY Fashion Ideas are truly capable to transform a waste thing into a fashionable one.

When it comes to fashion most of the times our mind veers towards the expensive and exclusive collection of garments that the top designers produce. While these are great, it is hardly something that most of us can afford. Does this mean we give up on the idea of fashion totally? No! We simply borrow the ideas from the latest fashion trends and work at adapting them into our existing wardrobes with a little imagination and some elbow grease!

Is it possible you ask? Yes! It is possible and in fact it is a great deal of fun without the guilt of having to spend too much. Having said that, there are some things that you will have to collect or buy.  These include:

  • A good pair of scissors
  • A set of threads and needles
  • Some sequins, spangles and beads
  • Some glue and adhesives
  • Ribbons, lace, crochet needles and thread

Here are some ideas that you can do yourself towards looking more fashionable:

Bling up those old shoes:  With the use of some beads and spangles you can transform those old and dull shoes into something funky. All you need is a steady hand and a lot of imagination.

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Crochet yourself a collar or sleeves: Use the age old skill of crocheting to remove the tired old collar on an old blouse and spiff it up by making a new one. While you are at it add sleeves too.

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Jazz up the hair bands: Hair bands are the easiest to jazz up; all you need is some glue and some glitter and you have a new and glitzy hair band.

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Convert those single earrings into lockets: Left with a single earring that you love? Simply twist the stick behind it and add a single ring and use it as a new locket.

These are just a few simple ideas, think of what you can do with those old things in your wardrobe!

In this article we’re presenting 35 DIY Fashionable and Money Saving Ideas to Try This Year which provide you an astounding chance to transform simple things into fashionable and stylish ones.

DIY Fashion Ideas


DIY Fashion Ideas


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