10 Best Cosmetic Brands Of The Year

May 31st, 2016

10 Best Cosmetic Brands Of The Year

It’s no secret that we all love to look good. However, I think it is safe to say that this trait affects women more than it does men. For the most part, this trait would fall into the category of vanity which is, for the most part, frowned upon. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be a single part on our bodies that we wouldn’t beautify if given the opportunity. Some of the more common features targeted include hair, eyes, teeth, and nails. While some folks are truly blessed with naturally beautiful features, the vast majority of us are left to cope.

Thankfully, there are a staggering number of beauty products available that can help! Just walk into practically any store and you will most likely be bombarded with a variety of different beauty products from an overwhelming number of manufacturers. These products are oftentimes used for skin care and/or enhancement. You can always find me sauntering over to the Juice Beauty products, but finding what works for you can be somewhat daunting. While sifting through the plethora of products is enough to stir up anxiety, we have created a detailed list to help shed some light on the top cosmetic brands this year.

Best Cosmetic Brands Of The Year

Clinique: This is a very well known name in the world of cosmetics and has earned a special place as being the first brand to have been tested for allergies. Another interesting fact is that the products of this company are composed differently in different countries as per the needs of local weather and skin conditions.
Mac : The name denotes makeup art cosmetics and they offer a huge collection of cosmetics which are quite popular. Mac brands and positions its products based on the need of the segment that it is selling to.
Maybelline:  This brand is well known the world over and women tend to use this brand for party wear as they feel that this brand tends to help them enhance their features and make them beautiful.
Urban Decay: A well known US based brand started in 1986, this brand managed to snag a huge chunk of the market in a relatively smaller amount of time. Some of the most well known products are the naked collection, glide on eye and shadow pencils.
Urban Cosmetics
Oriflame:  Started in 1967, by two Swedish brothers, this brand has become a known name in over 60 countries. As well as making a name as a cosmetic and beauty Product Company this brand is also associated with many charitable activities.
Cover Girl: This brand too is popular in the US as well as across the world. This brand spends heavily on advertisement and has many celebrities endorsing the products. The brand is popular among normal people on the street as well as celebrities.
6-Cover Girl
Avon:  It is one of the leading cosmetic brands that also have the distinction of being the second in the direct selling segment. The products are sold the world over and their special strategy selling from door to door has really worked.
Revlon: Known mostly for color related beauty products that include makeup items like lipsticks, nail paints and other things this brand is quite well known across the globe. With this immense popularity they also offer skin care products.
Etude: A company from South Korea, this brand has made a name in a really short period of time.  The products from this company are reliable, trustworthy and quite affordable which adds to the popularity.  It also helps that they have an enormous collection that customers can choose from.
L’Oreal: This ranks on the top this year.  The brand started with a thrust on hair color products. Now they have moved to cleansing products and other beauty products. They have a range of 500 products that cover skin care, hair care, perfumes among other things.