40 Beautiful Wedding Gown Ideas For Short Women

People may tell you that for your wedding day you can get any style of wedding dress that you want to, but this may not always work out for the best. The thing is a wedding dress needs to fit in with the kind of looks that you posses. This means if you happen to be of shorter stature then you need to be really careful in picking out the right style of wedding dress so that you look great. It is sad but true that not every style looks good on shorter women unlike women who are blessed with good height.

Some of the Beautiful Wedding Gown Ideas For Short Women:

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You only have to look at models who are chosen to model dresses are inevitably tall as this helps show off the clothes in a better manner. But do not worry, there are some choices that will make you look spectacular on your wedding day. Here are some guidelines that will help you figure out what works on you.

A-Line wedding dress: The reason that this silhouette is very sought after as a wedding dress choice is that it looks on good on any type of body. This style has a fitting near the bodice and flares out just below the waistline. If a woman is narrow framed and short, this style will make her look taller and curvier. Women who are pear shaped can also pull off wearing this style as it will help them camouflage their hips area.

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Beautiful Wedding Gown Ideas For Short Women

Empire style dress: This is charming and old fashioned and is made of flowing fabric. It is fitted well over the chest area and the rest of the dress flows from just beneath the line of the bust. This in a very unobtrusive way makes your legs look longer. In case you want to showcase the petite frame you have, then you can make it to knee length with crinoline underneath. This makes smaller women look cute and babydoll like. Women who have smaller busts also prefer this style as it adds some curves in that area. Women who are short and have a thicker waist can also make this dress work as it conceals the problem area.

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Sheath shaped Wedding Dress: This is the kind of dress where the dress is fitted close to your body starting from the top and ending at the bottom. If you have that enviously slender build and are shorter, then it will make you look good and will also add a few inches to the body making it look long. But a warning here; this dress may not be ideal if you plan to dance after the wedding as it tends to restrict movement. In that case go for a knee length sheath.

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Wedding dress styles that shorter women should stay away from:

Ball Gown Wedding Dress: This dress is on the lines of the princess wedding dress or the A line but has a fuller skirt reminiscent of the gowns that were worn in the past. But the reason that it does not work on shorter women is that it tends to take away from their height due to the bell like shape of the skirt and this may tend to overwhelm their shorter height

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Mermaid Wedding Dress: This one is essentially a sheath that ends in a frothy bottom portion. The reason that it may not work for shorter women is because they tend to have shorter torsos or shorter legs and the flare at the bottom tends to divide the body into 2 portions. This could make their legs look shorter. In case a shorter woman wants to wear this style she will have to make the flare at the bottom of really restrained proportions.

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