25 Popular Mother Son Wedding Songs to Dance On

25 Popular Mother Son Wedding Songs to Dance On

If you finding some Popular Mother Son Wedding Songs to Dance On then you are at right place. Just like the bond between a father and daughter is very strong and special, same is the case with mother and son. It is a natural inclination that each child gravitates towards the parent of the opposite gender and this is what is the basis of the strong bond that mothers and sons share. The occasion when a son gets married is a very special occasion for the mother but also one that is rife with many and often conflicting emotions.

On the one hand a mother is very happy to see that her son is settling with a girl of his choice. She is happy that he will have someone special in his life who will be there for him through all events that life will bring him. But on the other hand there will be a small kernel of envy in her heart when she realizes that she is not the only special lady in his life. He has someone else on whom he will depend on, love and spend time with. Her mother’s heart will also be full of apprehensions about whether the life partner her son has chosen will be really worth her precious son (every mother thinks her son is the most precious). She will pray that things will work out for the both of them and also that the new person in her son’s life allows her (the mother) to still be a part of his (the son’s) life.

One of the occasions in the wedding that a mother gets to have a special moment with her son is during the mother son dance. It is important that you should have a song that fits the occasion. When we talk about a song that fits the occasion we mean something that suits the special bond that a mother and son share. But the choice of song has to go beyond just that. It has to consider the personalities and characteristics of both mother and son so that the song reflects this.

If you feel that the moment is too fraught with emotions then you can lighten it by choosing a song in the lighter vein.

Popular Mother Son Wedding Songs to Dance On:

“A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men – this one is a little on the emotional side and bound to make people cry about the man who is so proud to be his mother’s son.

“My Mother’s Eyes” – Etta Jones – A nice song that a mother and son duo can dance on and full of the deep and meaningful relationship that they share

“I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack – This one is quite emotional but still has an upbeat feel based on country classical music

“My Wish” – Rascal Flatts – A simple but great song that brings positivity along with a danceable tune. Can be good if you have a mother who is really sentimental

“In My Life” – The Beatles – A typical song that showcases the bond between parents and children, bound to be hit with the whole crowd

“I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song” – Jim Croce – A very basic song with a special message making it a fitting choice for the important son and mother dance in the wedding.

“Teach Your Children” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – A great song with a retro feel to bring back past memories for mothers.

“Take Your Mama” – Scissor Sisters – This one has a humorous note which can lighten the mood when both mother and son are getting really sentimental.

“Mama Tried” – Merle Haggard – A great choice when the man getting married is known to have been rebellious and now changed his ways and wants to tease his mother about it.

“Your Mama Don’t Dance” – Loggins & Messina – A cute and funny song that everyone can enjoy.