25 Beautiful DIY Jewelry Ideas to try this Year

25 Beautiful DIY Jewelry Ideas to try this Year

Many women will have this problem – an overflowing box of jewelry with chains, earrings and bracelets mixed together making actually finding matching stuff really difficult. If this sounds familiar to you, then you will really find this article very useful. We will show you some great ways of organizing and storing your jewelry by making your own organizer.

Earrings: We all have them and here is how you simply and most effectively organize the, Take an old picture frame made of wood. You will need tacks that have to inserted at the top of the frame on both sides. Then tie some wire from one tack to another. Make sure it is tight. You can put in some beads along the wire to be used as earring separators before securing the wire. You can tie many wires on the frame if it is big enough. Hang the frame and use the wires that are strung across to hang your earrings. A pretty and very efficient way of finding earrings in pairs!

Bracelets and necklaces: You can take a big wooden hoop used fro embroidery Use more than one hoop if your collection is huge. Take some thumbtacks and insert them on the frame of the wooden hoop at some intervals. You can hang the bracelets and shorter necklaces on the center portion and let the longer ones hang of the sides and the bottom. You can hang the hoop on to the wall using a thumbtack. Again a very pretty and usable way of organizing your jewelry

Simple and effective these two ways of organizing your jewelry may take up a little bit of your time but you will find that you are eternally grateful for them every time you get dressed. Just sit back and enjoy your jewelry.

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