Current Fashion Trends For Women to Try This Year

Current Fashion Trends For Women to Try This Year

We all know that the world of fashion is always poised on the verge of change and this is what makes fashion so exciting. We as women are keeping a constant watch what is the latest and hottest so that we can include them in our wardrobe. After all even the staunchest opponent of fashion among us would want to look good. We may not admit or for that matter even be aware of it, but most of us are influenced by fashion.

Current Fashion Trends For Women

Tapered jeans and skin tight jeans are back: Yes! It is no longer the flared jeans that are in fashion but in fact the really tight jeans that fit close to the skin are back. If you are blessed with a broader torso you are well advised to choose a proper top or you may look like a triangle


Wearing layers: This is another trend that has really picked up. Layering your outfit in such a way that a removal or addition of a couple of layers can transform the same outfit from casual to formal or vice versa.


Rings for the middle finger: If you are a lover of rings then you are going to love this one. The latest trend is to wear a delicate ring on your middle finger and not at the base but midway.


Blue eye shadow: Among the makeup trends this year the one that has picked up is the one for wearing eye shadow in all shades of blue. That is ranging from the lightest to the darkest and brightest. Another rather bold shade that has made its entry as an eye shadow in bright pink along with kohl lined eyes. You need confidence to carry these trends off.


Low ponytails are in: The tying of a simple but smooth and elegant low ponytail is a trend that has made it this year. It is cool and simple and if you happen to have a nice neck this can really good look


The deliberately messed up look: Another look that has picked up speed is the casual but definitely arranged messy hairdo. Gives the impression that you have made no effort but still looks cool.


The loose hair with hair tucked back behind the ear: This is also another look that does not look made up but works as it frames your face in a casual way and makes you look young and casual.


Silhouette: Another trend in formal wear for women is to find the basics like a skirt or a body suit in the silhouette that works for them and then add a jacket or blouse to this to pull the outfit together.


Body hugging floral dresses: Unlike the past where floral dresses tended to be floating and with a flared skirt the latest trend is to wear clothes that are body hugging with a cheerful floral print in bright colors.


Floral tights of knee length along with jacket of the same print: This can be paired with a tight T shirt or camisole to create a cool yet elegant look. You need to chose the floral print based on the type of body you have. Petite people can wear bigger prints while women who are generously proportioned need to keep the print smaller.


Paisley printed Maxi dresses: This seems like a blast from the past, but the difference is in the length of the dress. Earlier trends used to specify lengths that were just below the knee, now the length is almost to the feet.