Beauty, Fashion And Style – Making All Elements Work For You

Beauty, Fashion And Style – Making All Elements Work For You

When it comes to beauty, fashion and style, people are often confused and mistake one for another. It is easy to see why this occurs. We are creatures that are led and influenced by the visuals that flash in front of us. With the bombardment of visuals and the immense confusion created due to the use of extravagant adjectives used by the media and on internet, most people do not recognize that beauty, fashion and style though closely related are not the same.


Let us break it down into elements that can easily be understood and then we can move on to making each element working with the other to come up with great results.


Beauty: This is something that can be defined as the features that we are born with which include not only elements like hair, skin and eyes but also the structure of your body. It would be safe to say that though most women would deny it, some or many parts of them would be considered beautiful.


Fashion: Simply put fashion is the latest trend that have become popular in the marketplace. This could relate to clothing, footwear, makeup and even hairstyles. This is often dictated by the world’s leading fashion designers and some iconic movie stars.


Style: This is probably the most important element that can improve your looks but sadly often overlooked. Style can be defined as something that you come up with using the most beautiful of your features with fashion trends that work with them.


Here is how you make your beauty and the latest fashions work together to make a lovely style statement:

Step1: Kindly but objectively study all aspects of your body. We cannot emphasize enough on being kind to yourself while still remaining realistic. You will be surprised at how many good features you have been blessed with! Once you have started studying yourself objectively you could also seek the opinion of someone whom you can trust. This way you can be doubly sure that you are going in the right direction.

Step 2: Then make a deep study of the latest fashion trends. As you study you will find that since your self evaluation is complete, your insight has sharpened enabling you to see things in a clearer manner. The more you study the latest fashions the more you will realize that using certain elements of these in your wardrobe/ hair styling/ makeup will really enhance your looks.

Step 3: The next step is to come up with a personal style statement. This is easier said than done as you will need to invest time, efforts and money into this. This is where good friends and a realistic family member can help.

  • For example if you think that the latest trend of wearing tapered jeans is right for your long legs with a heavy torso type of body, will suit you. A third party will help you with constructive feedback and with useful suggestions. You will find yourself rethinking those slinky tops that make you larger for a more tailored look.
  • The same applies to hair; in case of hair styles you can seek the help of technology and simply photoshop a picture of yourself with the suggested hairstyle to see if it works. A slim face will benefit from a rounded hairstyle and a fuller face will look better with longer steps or waves.
  • In the same way you can seek the help of staff at makeup counters of known brands to help you with the shades that work best with your skin. Take a trusted friend along with you to get a second opinion.

Once you do all the above you are well on your way to look more stylish and beautiful.