Choose The Right Hair Style For Your Face

October 24th, 2013

Choose The Right Hair Style For Your Face

Picking out the perfect hair cut for the way your face is shaped is quite important. This will ensure that the plus points and the best features of your face are highlighted and the flaws (we all know we have them) will be concealed. That will add to your confidence and improve your overall disposition. A simple example of how it works how a rounder face can be lengthened with the right cut or the edges of a square face softened with the right coif.We will take you through the haircuts that will work on each general shape of face:In the meanwhile, You may love to check some of our most popular Hairstyle galleries over the web:

Oval face shapes: This is the most desired face shape as it is supposed to work with most cuts. To choose a haircut that works, simply identify which feature or part of the face you want highlighted. You can shape the hair to focus on your lovely eyes or maybe a sharp haircut will make you look more professional. Things like this will guide you on the right cut, but you can choose almost any haircut to go with this face shape.

Boho Waves

Short Shaggy Bob

Curtain Effect

Square face shapes: With sharp angles on the face the square face shape needs to be softened. The right haircut will blunt out the angles and if the face appears wide due to the shape this factor also can be overcome. One thing that you should do with square shaped faces is add length so haircuts with longer hair lengths will work for this shape. In case you are going in for bangs go in for side swept ones that the severe straight bangs. If you keep the hair short it will make your face look wider, so go for more rounded cuts or softer waves if you have a square shaped face.

Eye Skimming Bangs

Short Tampered Cut

The Lob

Oblong face shapes: These are simply longer ovals and to make the face shape look better you need a hairstyle that makes your face wider. Shorter layers with a choppy look should work since they will widen the face and take the focus off the length of the face. Bangs also tend to make the oblong face look better. You need a hair cut that flares out to add the right look to the oblong face.

Chin Length Bob

Side Swept Bangs

Soft Waves

Heart face shapes: These are considered to have angles as well as width. Bangs cut with a deep side parting make the face look symmetrical without making the jawline look sharper. Layers that are rounded will frame the face and make it look good. Pixie cuts also work if you want a cut that is shorter. There are many versatile styles you can try on this face shape after consulting the stylist.

Blunt,Wispy Bangs

Bouncy Bob

Loose Waves

Round face shapes: In faces that have a round shape the general idea is to add length to the face. You can do this with long layers starting from the chine level. If you are cutting the layer at ear level then you will only add to the fullness of the face. Longer hairstyles usually work well with rounder faces. Bangs should be side swept and you can have a side parting to add angles to the face.

Long Rounded With Deep Side Parted Bangs

Layered Haircut

Short Hair Cut

Triangle face shapes: These tend to narrow on top and have wide jaw line. You can balance out the look by cutting the hair to look broader and fuller on top and narrow as they come down. Haircuts that soften the line of the jaw like waves or soft curls and layers can also work. To ensure that you don’t shorten the forehead be very careful of bangs. They should be wispy and side swept. If you want to go for longer hair go for plenty of choppy layers.

Short Rounded Hair Cut

Simple Prom Hair Style

Long Soft Wavy