60 Lovely Wedding Wishes Quotes For You

March 11th, 2014

60 Lovely Wedding Wishes Quotes For You

When you are going to be at a wedding, Wedding Wishes Quotes can help you If you find that you lack the words to express the way you feel. In that is the case (which often is) then read on to see what you can say that will make them appreciate what you feel for them on their special day. A word of caution here – do not blindly use a quote that is given, do take the time to figure out whether it fits in with what you know about the bride and groom. Depending on this you can go with the warm and real approach or you can go in for the humorous approach. The thing to remember is that the day of the wedding is for the groom and bride and they need to remain as the center of attention. You need to choose your words with care so that you do not hurt anybody or make them feel uncomfortable. Unless you are really close to the couple and know that you can get away with making a joke, please do not pick the funny approach. You are better off expressing warm, touching and sincere sentiments that will make them feel good about themselves and their union.

Your sentiments could be about how good they look together and how well they suit each other. Or you could narrate a simple saying accompanied by a small anecdote about how they got together. If you are older than the couple getting married then you could express a few words of advice along with abundant blessings for their future. Your wedding saying could be about how couples are decided upon in heaven and how they are united on earth. Many couples like to be told that their relationship and the story of how they got together has been inspiring; you could use a quote along those lines.

Wedding Wishes Quotes

  • May your marriage be as eternal as the grains of sand on the beach – endless and eternal
  • Happy anniversary… it is good to be part of the celebration of this union of mind, soul and body
  • May you be blessed with more smiles than tears and more love than strife and may you always be happy in life
  • A wedding is for one day but marriages are forever as I hope yours will be
  • A perfect couple is just a myth, but a perfect marriage is not and you have proved it
  • Your love has stood the test of time and I hope your lives continue to resonate and rhyme
  • Your love for each other reminds of moonlight – calm, serene and soothing
  • Best wishes for this lovely day when too souls unite and make it all happy and right
  • Here’s wishing you a life of peace and one that is full of ease
  • Together you stand as one and I hope you never find yourselves sad or alone
  • My wishes are warm and heartfelt and as pure as the love you have held and cherished
  • Warmed am I by the love I see and I hope this love and warmth is part of your life for today, tomorrow and for all eternity
  • Joy, love, compassion and passion.. these are all things I wish you with all my heart
  • Your love has made it so far and I hope the journey of your life takes you together afar
  • If your love were to be put to measure it should be in terms of joys and pleasure
  • Remember this; a marriage is more than a wedding and this means love, understanding and patient bonding
  • My wishes are from the bottom of my heart where there is nothing but good wishes and plenty of warmth
  • I hope your marriage is as good as your wedding bouquet – put together and held with love and reverence
  • Congratulations! You are no longer only a couple but the starting point of a family
  • May your union see a lot of togetherness, warmth and hope.
  • Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts. [READCelebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers]
  • Here is wishing you both the best life has to offer and a long and blissful life together.
  • To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right, shut up.
  • Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
  • May you be as rich in life as you are in love.  [READHot Pictures of Kristen Stewart Wearing … SE><Y]
  • May there be a generation of children, on the children of your children.
  • May earth and heaven mingle ,May earth and heaven be one, All through your earthly journey, Till sets your earthly sun.
  • Congratulations, may your wedding day be filled with beautiful memories and your new life together be filled with joy.
  • May all your days be as joyous and happy as the day of your wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple.
  • Marriage is a chance to be an example of the love that our creator has shown us.
  • Here’s to success in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and any more you will pick up over the years together
  • Your wedding day is here and will be gone too fast, but your love will go on forever. Congratulations!
  • From this moment on, you will be one. A couple who will love and cherish each other. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.