30 Most Beautiful Wedding Hair Brooches

June 10th, 2013

30 Most Beautiful Wedding Hair Brooches

If you are going for party, dinner or any special occasion then we are sure you are looking for new and unique ways to look different and smart. Here is one way to add something extra to your look –brooches. They are ornate, look classy and are affordable. Used the right way they can add a great amount of glamour to your overall day look.The choice and designs in brooches include ones with stones, cameos, floral, ribbon designs and bows etc. Since they are quite meticulously put together they manage never to look tawdry.You can pin a cute brooch to a simple dress to add a touch of glitter. Most people like to put the brooch near the neckline or on the sash. But do not restrict the wearing of the brooch to the dress alone, here are some ways that you can use the brooch creatively:

  • Make it part of your hairdo. You may ask your hairstylist to pin it securely and fro the maximum advantage.
  • Jazz up the clutch or handbag that you are planning to carry on your occasion by pinning the brooch on it.
  • You can even make your shoes stand out by adding two identical brooches to them on the top.
  • Place the brooch on your bouquet to add that extra sparkle.
  • Pin it on the top of a satiny sash around your wrist to make a cute and unique bracelet.

Expensive and one of a kind antique brooches have been very much a part of the important memories. You need not despair if you do not have an antique brooch you can buy an inexpensive and well made brooch and make it part of your outfit in many ways. Brooches are not only used to make you beautiful but also you can be gifted.

Wedding Hair Brooches

Soutache embroidered brooch

Flowers and Blue Bird Collage Brooch

soutache embroidered brooch

Turquoise blue brooch

10k Yellow and Rose Gold Camphor Glass Brooch

Peacock Brooch

Sailor Anchor Nautical Tattoo Brooch

Vintage Owl Brooches

zipper heart brooch

Pretty rose felt brooch

Crocheted Flower Brooch

Hand felted Dahlia Flower Brooch

Love Brooch

Deep Blue Flower Satin Brooch

Triangle Design Brooch

Gold Plated Charm Black Flower Rose Brooch

Bicycle Exquisite Women Crystal Brooch

Blue Crystal Platinum Plated Ornament Christmas Tree Brooch

Rosallini Brown Faux Feather Nylon Flower

Brooch Pin 18K White Gold Plated

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Womens Brooch

Red with Silver Sunflower Petal Style Brooch


Pendant Jewelry brooch

LOVE skull chain brooch

green CAMEO Brooch

Lady with red love flower

Timber Brooch

Felt Brooch Accessory

Bridal Hair Comb rhinestone brooch