50 Unusual Wedding cakes designs

June 11th, 2013

50 Unusual Wedding cakes designs

Unusual Wedding cakes designs: We are sure that every woman gets a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face when she thinks/plans/reminisces her wedding day and wedding cake is an integral part of that. A wedding a cake is a big part of the memories of the wedding day and something the couple will remember in years to come. That means it has to be visually stunning and very delicious.Wedding cakes designs are available in many shapes, designs and types. These could range from round, square or heart shaped. Plus there are the layers to be considered. You can easily go to good quality baker and he or she will show the ones they have done in the past and the ones they can do for you.

To have a cake design that is really unique you can also talk to your near and dear ones and do some research on the net. You can then let your imagination soar. Once you have all the ideas for a design in mind it is time to seriously discuss these with your selected baker. While you are discussing the wedding cake do consider the budget , the entire theme of your wedding and your would be’s preferences too.

You can go in for a wedding cake design that combines your and your fiancé’s shared interests, or go for a heart shaped caked topped with figures that are exact representations of you and him in the form of dolls. Another way to go and this has become really popular is go with cupcakes. These can be visually stunning and you can go with a varied selection of flavors, that will cater to different tastes.

Among all the design details do not forget one of the most important factors – the taste and flavors. Here are 50 Beautiful Pictures of Unusual Wedding cakes designs.