50 Short and Medium bob Hairstyles

June 11th, 2013

50 Short and Medium bob Hairstyles

Short bob Hairstyles and Medium bob Hairstyles are both most famous hairdo’s in the world of fashion. A nice hairdo can boost the mood and confidence of a woman, even if she is not leaving home to do any work. The thought that she looks good can make the world a brighter place for a woman. In today’s atmosphere women are constantly having problems with health of hair. This means falling hair making it look thinner.In such instances a shorter or medium length hairstyle is better suited especially given that women are juggling work and home. It is smarter to look at and easier to maintain. But with hair becoming finer, women are quite apprehensive of going for a new hairstyle.

Do not fear if you happen to have thinner hair. Here are some hairdos that will work for your hair. All you need is the right stylist and a few hints to get it right. Here are some that will work with the right length and hue for your hair.

If you hair is thin then a shorter haircut will give the illusion of thickness. A sleek and short bob ca also work along with bangs swept to the side.

For curlier hair you need to go for medium length hairstyles and work at keeping curls looking well rounded to add the illusion of thick hair.

If you are blessed with an oval shaped head and face then go for a cropped haircut as this will accentuate your features and distract from the shape of the face. You can also have your haircut to have a tapered look to add more bounce.

Another way to go is for an asymmetrical looking bob as it makes the cut look fuller towards the bottom. Another way to create an illusion of thickness is by tucking the bangs behind the hair. You can simply trim the ends of your medium length hair to make it look better and thicker.