5 Top Reasons That You Should Wear That Short Skirt

June 11th, 2013

5 Top Reasons That You Should Wear That Short Skirt

The first thing to be said here is that when a girl wears a short skirt it is not so that men look at her but because she likes it. Mostly women wear short skirts because they like it and the fact that they gather attention while doing so is just a side effect and that too one they are not looking for in particular.

While women do tend to lean towards a preference for wearing pants, the fact is that short skirts are attractive and feminine. Here are some reasons that you should look at wearing skirts in a more positive manner:

It is visually appealing: There is no denying this; a skirt is definitely prettier and more appealing to the eye than say a pair of pants. They are more stylish than the midis and full length maxi dresses. Another important fact is short skirts tend to display your legs, draw attention to your footwear and overall make it more visually attractive.

It is easier to wear: The fact is that most people are lazy and wearing a short skirt may appeal to people who may not want to make the extra effort needed to put on pants. This may sound a little absurd, but even visiting the washroom while wearing a short skirt is much easier and needs very less effort. Imagine doing this when you are wearing dungarees!

It is easier to move about in: A short skirt is easier to walk in than a mid length or full length skirt. Or imagine trying to saunter breezily when you are wearing a narrow pencil skirt? We are sure the best you can do is a poor simulation of a fast walk. You may argue the case that trousers make for better walking, but you have to agree that short skirts are definitely more fun.

It makes your fitter: Well, on reading this you may wonder how this works. Read on to know the logic behind this statement. First of all when you wear a short skirt you are made aware of the fact that you need to hit the gym more regularly, making you focus on your fitness. There is no other attire which can point out the flaws in your figure more obviously. Moreover when you wear a skirt and that too a short one, you will find that sitting is not easy. First of all the skirt tends to rid up making it difficult to sit. What is more the amount of skin exposed due to the short attire makes you skeptical of sitting at all locations due to fear of infections etc. This means you tend to stand more while wearing your short skirt. Standing is definitely the first step to encouraging activities and this will bring you closer to fitness. Plus it can be fun to tower over people who are sitting down.

Limited opportunity: Wearing a short skirt and looking good in it is not an option for all. This means you should make the most of it while you can. Enjoy the sensation of looking good and flaunting that lovely young body of yours. You will realize that as you grow older the window of opportunity to wear a short skirt well becomes narrow, so it makes sense that you make the most of it.

While it is agreed that wearing a short skirt is not for all and may not suit all occasions, still wearing it as often as possible is something you should consider and go for whenever you can.