25 Hot Pictures of Selena Gomez in Different Outfits

June 11th, 2013

25 Hot Pictures of Selena Gomez in Different Outfits

With her lovely winsome young charms this lovely lass from Texas is an intriguing mix of innocence and sensuality. Each outfit she wears epitomizes this sweet and irresistible mix.

Selena in a prom style dress: With her ingénue kind of looks and her charm this shocking pink prom dress both emphasizes her lovely figure and makes the best of her young charms. It is the kind of outfit and look that every girl going to the prom aims for.

Selena in a tight metallic outfit: In this outfit which a pair of opaque tights worn with a tight and long metallic tunic, Selena comes across as hip and with it. An outfit for when you feel daring and outrageous.

Selena in evening gown: Evening gowns are supposed to flow to the ground with a grace while the lady donning them displays a tasteful amount of flesh to make it interesting without taking away from the grace and elegance of the outfit. Selena manages this balance with ease. Her long legs and lovely torso lend a special charm to any evening gown she may don.

Selena in a bathing suit: With her girlish face and lush figure, Selena makes a dreamy figure in a bathing suit. Whether she is actually going swimming or just lolling on the beach working on getting some sunshine, she is a sight for sore eyes. Don’t you agree guys?

Selena in skinny jeans: Skinny jeans are for leggy lasses. The match is made in heaven and if you had any doubts in this regard, you just have to look at Selena rocking the look. She looks young, sassy and cool all at the same time. Paired with the right sandals, purse and belt the outfit is great for an innocent date or day of shopping.