Rock Your Look With Boyfriend Jeans

Rock Your Look With Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriends can be the joy of your life or can end up causing you a lot of pain. While we can spend hours together on the pros and cons of having a boyfriend, that is not what we are going to discuss here. What we are going to talk about is the new trend of sporting your boyfriend’s jeans and making the look work for you. This was a term that had come up when Katie Holmes wore a pair of Tom Cruise’s jeans.

This trend has taken off with many girls borrowing their man’s jeans. The appeal of sporting your boyfriend’s jeans lies in the fact that they are likely to be well used, faded and somewhat ripped in places, giving it a different kind of appeal. As with any other new trend there is a good way of doing this and a bad way of doing it.

Here is what you need to keep in mind to ensure the look works for you:

  • If the jeans fit then they will be a hit: We know the point of boyfriend jeans is that they should not be the perfect fit, while we agree that this is what makes the look work, do not go for jeans that make you look like a slob. The ones that work are normally the standard straight legged pair of jeans and fit you reasonably around the waist
  • Faded and worn: Finding the right pair of jeans that have the right look of being worn and used is the main point about pulling off this look. The fact that the jeans you are wearing obviously belongs to a guy doing “man type” activities helps in pulling off this look. The contrast between your girly looks and the obviously guy type jeans has a unique appeal
  • Girly top makes the look pop: To ensure that you manage to pull of the look without looking too butch, you need to ensure that you wear a top that is feminine. As stated in the earlier point we want you to use this quite contrary attire work for you. If you wear a sweatshirt or baggy T shirt with hoodies you are going to look like a tomboy with no sense of style. You need to wear a fitting top with flowers or some sort of feminine design on them.
  • Too many holes are not the goal: When it comes to making the boyfriend jeans look work for you, make sure that you do not overdo it. That means you need to ensure that though a few holes on jeans are okay, you do not want to come across as someone from the streets. So the rule of thumb is to make sure that the jeans have no more than 3 holes on them.
  • Roll it, do not fold it: While the boyfriend look is all about casual and cool, folding the jeans at the bottom to make a thick wad to adjust for your height will spoil the look. Rolling it once or twice will make it look good; anymore and you are on the verge of looking clumsy.

The boyfriend jeans may have come and gone a while back, we feel that there is going to be a revival of the look. But the main thing about pulling off this look is about balance. Balance between rugged chic and going over the top. Once you have the jeans take a good look at the mirror to ensure that you have gotten it right. You can even seek the opinion of your mom or a close friend in this regard. Once you know you are rocking the look; then go for it.