Create Unique Jewelry Using Nail Polish: 30 Examples

October 24th, 2013

Create Unique Jewelry Using Nail Polish: 30 Examples

Quick and cost effective jewelry
Here is a unique idea – use nail polish of different kinds to add more pizzazz to your bling collection. As you are aware nail polish comes in clear, colored and sparkly versions. This means you can give a whole new look to your jewelry; it could be anything finger rings, bracelets or lockets. You can even go a step further and make key chains and paper weights to give as gifts. You have to simply paint on the underside or the flat side of cabochon style cut stones to make this jewelry. Start with clear, then add the sparkle and throw it all into relief with black sparkle or crackle polish. You will have a piece of jewelry that is entirely one of its kind.
You can match the nail polish you have on with the ring, bracelet and locket you wear. The best part is it is easy and fun to make

What you need to get started

  • Transparent or semi transparent stones that are cut in a cabochon style rather than with facets: You can get these at fancy stores that sell these in bulk in various colors. While buying do check the quality
  • Sparkle, crackle or textured nail polish: Pick many different colors so that you can create the designs you want, don’t forget the black for the background.
  • Clear Nail Varnish: Buy one or two bottles of these to create smooth workable surface
  • The framework for the jewelry: You will need to set the stones in a frame to be used as bracelet, ring or neck piece once you have finished the artwork. The choice in this regard is numerous and you can pick the ones that you like. You can either go in for different kinds of settings or buy several of the same.
  • Apparatus to glue the pieces to the framework along with water proof glue
  • A tape that will hold the stone as you carry out your artwork

How to make the jewelry

  • Set the tape on a surface by folding it to ensure that it is sticky on the bottom as well as top. This way it will hold the stone steady as you paint
  • Put the clear cabochon cut tone with the flat side facing up on the tape. You will be painting on the flat surface of the stone rather than the smooth curved one
  • Apply a thin film of clear nail polish. You have to wait patiently to ensure it dries completely before starting your artistry
  • Apply the crackle nail polish; you can even apply more than one color to create a vibrant design. You can go in for a structured design or wild art that looks abstract. This way the design that will be seen through the stone. You can use a combination of crackle and sparkle to make your design shine out. Let it dry completely
  • Carefully apply black nail polish on top of the lovely motif you have created. This will throw your art work into relief against the stark black background and make the design look even more dramatic by creating a reflection effect. This will also camouflage the glue when you apply it to stick the stone to the jewelry. Once again allow time for drying
  • Once the nail polish design is dry, you may fix the stone to the setting. It is better to use hot glue at a higher temperature to make sure the stone is securely set. Let the glue dry completely before adorning yourself with the new jewelry you have created.

Beautiful Examples of Nail Polish Jewelry