40 Beautiful Women Wearing Heavy Gold Jewelry

June 11th, 2013

40 Beautiful Women Wearing Heavy Gold Jewelry

Beautiful Women Wearing Heavy Gold Jewelry
Beautiful Women Wearing Heavy Gold Jewelry

Women and jewelry have had this life long relationship. When it comes to gold the attraction is really strong since the beginning of time. Then yellow metal has held women captivated with its undeniable allure. A woman wearing heavy gold jewelry draws attention. It does not matter what she looks like or what age she is, the gold jewelry does get some attention.

But to wear heavy gold jewelry well, the woman would have to:

  • Carry it with confidence. If you obviously look uncomfortable then it is going to take away the beauty of what you are wearing.
  • Makeup should play up the beauty of the jewelry not detract from it. A great pair of heavy earrings will look more attractive with good eye makeup
  • Once you wear heavy jewelry never fiddle with it. You will not only look awkward, but there is the danger of pulling it loose
  • Remember you can make heavy gold jewelry work with any outfit. Just match the piece to the attire
  • Gold adds a luster to your face and you can make it work for you by playing around with the color palette that you use in your facial makeup
  • Heavy gold jewelry adds to the glamour of the occasion and this means that any traditional occasion looks better when you adorn yourself with heavy gold jewelry.
  • Even though gold jewelry suits everyone, make sure that your jewelry is age appropriate. Some pieces do look better on older women
  • There is no doubt that gold jewelry is status symbol and wearing it is making a style and status statement.
  • We all know that gold jewelry is designed on particular lines, but to make it work you can tweak it to make it your own. Example: You can turn a heavy ornate pendant into an ornament for your hair.