30 Hot Photos of Megan Fox Wearing Different Outfits

June 11th, 2013

30 Hot Photos of Megan Fox Wearing Different Outfits

Here are Hot Photos of Megan Fox wearing Different Outfits. Megan Fox has the kind of looks that makes guys drool mindlessly over her and girls go green with envy. No doubt, her good looks come from the combination of a great body along with really dark hair and contrasted by lighter colored eyes. Her sultry looks means that anything she wears is going to look smoking hot on her. Here are some of the outfits she has been seen in:

Megan Fox in that little black dress: A little black dress is the secret weapon that every girl has in her wardrobe. Though we think the sultry Megan Fox needs no secret weapons, she rocks the little black dress look absolutely. There is no doubt that no guy can resist a second peek at her when she is wearing this dress.

Megan Fox wearing Bikini: With her perfect body, this lady can add charm to the most chaste of swimsuits. But then why would she be wearing a suit that is conservative? She really looks like the hottie she is in this two piece swimsuit. It would not be surprising to know that people are experiencing spontaneous combustion when they look at her.

Megan Fox in hot pants: With a pair of really short shorts and a clinging T shirt, Megan looks cool and hot at the same time. Seems like a nice outfit to shop, hangout and generally have a good time.

Megan Fox in jeans: In a pair of baggy jeans with a ribbed T shirt, Megan looks like the young lady that she is. Charming, cool and casual.

Megan Fox in formal trousers: Normally a pair of formal trousers brings to mind the boardroom and the rather serious corporate world. When you see Megan sporting formal trousers, you are reminded of all this, but it suddenly looks more interesting. You know what we mean by that!!!