25 Sexy Women Wearing Stockings

25 Sexy Women Wearing Stockings

An integral part of a woman’s closet, stockings can be amazingly versatile. You can add these to many outfits to add style. The best part is they come in a variety of styles and materials. What is more they are great for warding off the cold while still looking good. You can work the black stockings around your outfit or do it the other way around.

Here are some ways they work to add that extra bit of glamour to your ensemble:

  • Sheer Nylons to be worn with a short formal skirt. Or you can pair these with short evening frock to complete the look for an outfit that is for a formal function
  • Cotton Stockings are sturdier and can be used with long tops to make a complete and comfortable outfit. Perfect for going out or hanging out at home
  • Fishnet Stockings come with patterned holes on them and are designed to look alluring. Whether they have bigger holes or smaller holes the overall effect of sensuality is undeniable
  • Silk stockings though in vogue in the past are no longer easily available nowadays.

Here are some ways to use them:

  • As an undergarment
  • As tights with a cute top or under a denim skirt
  • Simply to keep warm
  • To add a layered or textured look to your outfit with skirts etc
  • To finish of a costume
  • To woo and add sensual appeal

As you can see this versatile bit of clothing in your wardrobe can add many interesting aspects to your way of dressing. Ensure that you buy stockings of good quality and handle them with care while donning them so that they last for a long time. Pay attention to your footwear while you wear stockings to ensure that they do not clash. Pick the right stocking to create the look you want.