25 Sexy Women Wearing Knee High Long Socks

June 11th, 2013

25 Sexy Women Wearing Knee High Long Socks

Knee high socks have their cachet as far as fashion goes. They add a certain girlish and kittenish approach when paired with a sharp and short skirt. The skirt makes your legs look appealing while the socks make you looks girlish and playful.

You can use these socks to add a different look to a regular outfit. The style of women wearing Knee high long socks has caught and now you have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Striped: A cold and drab winter day can get an instant and colorful lift when you team your outfit for the day with colorfully striped socks. You will also stay warm, thanks to the socks.

Polka dotted Socks: Well, we all know that polka dots are fun and frivolous. Having polka dotted socks on surely means that you want the world to know that you are fun loving gal?

Go Floral: Then you have the socks with the cheerful and uplifting floral designs on them. Wearing them with any outfit is not warm for your legs but will also remind everyone around you about the warmth of the spring?

Quirky and quaint it is: We all know that girls who sport socks are sure to get an additional look from the boys. But when you go with quirky and cute designs like gnomes, dolphins or butterflies on your socks you are sure to get the curiosity going.

Plain but not boring: Last but not the least you can always go for the knee high socks in plain solid colors. This always works when your outfit is colorful on its own and you do not want to team it with colorful socks. Plain works best in such cases.

Warm, colorful, trendy and that too with so many amazing choices; what more could anybody ask?