25 Beautiful Women Wearing Lipstick

October 24th, 2013

25 Beautiful Women Wearing Lipstick

The eyes may be the window to the soul and have the first claim on beauty, but lips are the gateway to sensuality. There is no doubt that a man’s eyes are drawn to luscious lips. That is the reason why women pay special attention to the adornment of the lips with balms, salves, glosses and lipstick.

We can all agree that women wearing lipstick have the indefinable something that makes them glamorous. Initially in the colder countries lipstick was just a means to protect the lips from getting chapped. Made of animal fats they used to coat the lips, but gradually the idea of adding color to this cream gave birth to the idea of lipsticks. Initially people stuck to red but later on a wider spectrum of colors were added to lipstick choices.

A woman wearing lipstick is so much more than a woman who is made up; she is a woman with confidence and she knows that men will look at her and admire her. This gives her the confidence and feeling of being appreciated. Women who can apply their lipstick skillfully can make their lips look thinner or thicker as needed. An extra contour added using special skills at applying lipstick can make the pout even more appealing.

The key to women wearing lipstick is knowing what colors will suit her, how she should wear it and how much she should apply. Of course the best part of lipstick is you can experiment with a wide palette of colors depending on your mood, the occasion or even the time of the day. The normal rule of thumb is that the glittery and gaudier colors are better suited for nights and for more festive occasions. Matt lipsticks work better on women dressing up for the daytime. Skillful application of lipstick is easy and needs only a sense of what works on you and knowing when not to go overboard.