Easy Ways Get Over Your Ex: Must Read

Easy Ways Get Over Your Ex: Must Read

Get Over Your Ex
Get Over Your Ex

Well, in this article we are going to dedicate ourselves to finding out what is it about your ex that makes it so difficult to get over him/her. Once you get to the root cause, you will know what to do to eliminate any lingering memories of your lost love completely. While this article is not that unique and will focus on well known facts that deal with the mental makeup of getting romantically involved with someone, one thing we can tell you is that it works.

Just focus on what we are saying and direct any queries you may have to us so that we can get back to you.

Why do you have to get over your ex?
When we talk about getting over your ex, we mean that while you may remain in casual contact with them, interact with them and even share office space with them; you cannot feel the special emotions any longer. It means that you develop a certain amount of indifference towards them and what they do with their lives will not affect you at a deeper level. They will just be an outside part of your life in a very superficial manner.

How do you remove memories of your Ex from your mind?
We will focus here on a few very strong points about this matter. To do that you have to answer a very a difficult query

Would it be simpler to get over the death of a loved one or the parting with your ex?

We are sure most of you would say getting over the death of a loved one would be easier as there is a certain amount of closure and conclusion here. This is unlike a breakup where you are always hoping to get back together.

Put simply it means that you need to kill the bit of hope or longing that you have in your mind that there still is a chance. Most of us say we want to but deep inside hold on to that bit of longing and that is why the feeling never goes off.

If you are a little bewildered with the above statement, then a simple explanation is this: In most of us is the contradictory feeling of wanting to get over the ex while still hoping for reconciliation.

This is because within you exists your closest pal and worst enemy – Your Inner mind!
The inner conscience and letting your Ex go: There is part of your being that keeps a record of all your experiences. This part of your mind safeguards you from sad emotions by holding on to things that gladden you. What this means that every experience good or bad is imprinted and recorded in this inner most part of you. It ensures that you are happy by letting you do the things that make you happy while preventing you from doing things that bring you grief.

What does you inner conscience have to do with getting over your ex love?
We will now take your through the process by which your conscience helps you deal with this situation.

Your conscience’s way of dealing with the parting of ways with your ex:
The main truths that are imprinted on your inner mind are:
• You were attached to your ex emotionally and he/she made you feel good
• Since your ex is not around, your source of delight and happiness is absent.

Just think about it, if you were you inner mind and thought on the lines given above, what would your thinking be?

It is actually a very basic assumption; you will know that you are not happy when you are not with your ex, and this means to be happy again you need to get back with your ex!

This is how your inner mind places you on a ruinous path though the underlying objective is good that of keeping you happy.

Why, then do you feel awful?
As per the not-so-subtle manipulations of your inner mind, you need to get back together with your ex in order to be happy. The truth however is that the relationship is over and you know there is no point in going back there.

This difference in what you desire to get and what you actually possess can leave you feeling disheartened and awful. You may spend a lot of time thinking about the reasons that it did not work with your ex and why he/she left you.

The thing is that there may be many reasons why you cannot get your ex out of your mind. It could be because that you hate the fact that your ex left you and not the other way around. There are many things about this situation that can plague your mind.

The thing to remember is we are really not really sure about the source of the grief; all we know is that we are hurt and hate being ditched by the ex. This adds to the feelings of low esteem.

Your inner mind may stop you from overcoming the break with your ex

Coming back to our inner mind, this close pal that is trying to keep your defenses up, this is what adds to the confusion. Your inner conscience knows that you do not want to reunite with your ex because you still have feelings for them, but because you need your ex to bolster your ego by confirming that you are still hot and attractive.

This will lead your inner mind to direct you into thinking that you still want your ex and that is why he/she is worth getting back. But in fact it is all about making you feel good about yourself by affirming you attraction to the opposite gender.

In such a case you need to talk to your inner self and affirm that you don’t need to get back with your ex. Work on developing feelings of confidence and peace

The last part of getting over your ex
The above points will tell you that getting over your ex is not about them, it is about you! It is about confirming that you are good, your feelings are correct and that you are a complete and attractive person on your own. Once you know and recognize all this, it is a simple matter to let your ex go and move on with your life.

Summing it up
Here is the conclusion; we focused on three vital aspects:

• Your inner mind may have a role to play in preventing you from getting over your lost love
• The solution lies in acceptance and achieving complete closure of the issue by going over the reasons behind the breakup
• More than your emotions, it is often the ego that takes a beating in the breakup. The feeling of being rejected tends to bruise your delicate ego causing you to doubt your sense of self and appeal to others. You have to work on realizing that the break up is not a personal reflection of your failure as an appealing person.

We all know that in fact, it is not just that easy to get over lost love. In fact there may be many complex reasons at play here. We may not be able to explore all the aspects of a broken relationship in just one article. It will have to be a series of articles that deal with this sensitive subject. Do keep checking this space for more!