10 Body Language Clues that Indicate his Interest in You

June 11th, 2013

10 Body Language Clues that Indicate his Interest in You

Body Language clues that indicate his interest in you

Does he like me? He loves me/he loves me not… the suspense is killing you, right? You have just met this hunk at a party and you want to know whether he likes you or it is the office hero who has been staring at you and you are wondering whether to make the first move. What if you got it wrong and ended up feeling stupid? I am sure this is one dilemma many women have faced and the doubts continue to haunt us.

Do not despair: help is here. Put away the he loves/he loves me not daisy and start studying his body language. It will surely help you glean the truth. It is a fact that our body language reflects our inner emotions and here is how you find out if a guy is into you or not. These are some indications that will confirm his interest in you:

The classic deep and soulful eye contact: This is a no brainer. A deep and soulful stare can be an open declaration of his interest in you. If you find that a man keeps staring at you (in a non-creepy way), then you can surely take this as a sign that he is interested.

The lip stare: If a man alternates between staring at your eyes and then your lips, he is indicating that he is attracted to you at least at a physical level. Lips, that too a woman’s lips are supposed to be one of the features that really turn men on.

Being loud and clear: Sometimes a guy who is attracted to you may speak loudly in order to get your attention. This often occurs when you are in different groups or even the same group. By making sure that you get what he is saying, he is expressing his interest in you.

Hooking his thumbs into his pocket: This is a casual, dude kind of thing that many guys do. In a way they are drawing your attention to the manly parts of him. This is a way of displaying his attraction to you and also pulling your gaze to him.

The light and seemingly casual touch: Men are not known to be the touching types. In fact we can even say that they are fairly restrained in this area. So, if a man touches your face, hand or elbow during part of the conversation, this indicates that he is into you.

Ruffling his hair: Men are vain about their hair; yes! I know women are credited with this vanity, but believe me men are also hair obsessed. If a guy spends an inordinate amount of time fiddling with his hair, you can be sure he likes you and wants you to like him back.

Making his chest broader: Men tend to spread themselves, chuff up their chest when they are around a woman they like. It has something to do with the primitive need of males to cover the entire range of a woman’s vision. A proud strut with the chest puffed up, when he is around you, means he is really intrigued by you.

Mimicking your body language: Another way the males express their interest in you is by imitating your gestures. This is often disguised as lighthearted teasing, but is a way of telling he has been looking at you and that too quite intently.

Saying your name: Men tend to use your name often in a conversation when they are interested. If he is having conversations with you or with people around you and is dropping your name frequently then you can take it as a sign of his interest.

Flaring nostrils: Men are creatures of the senses and smell being one of the main. One of the ways a male will hone in on a female he likes, is also through the sense of smell. A flared nostril is an indication that he likes the way you smell and this is the first step to attraction.

The above given body language clues may be indicative of a man’s interest in you. But this is not a definite science and you need to use good sense and the famous female intuition while judging whether he is really into you or not.