40 Best Wedding quotes for cards

November 24th, 2014

40 Best Wedding quotes for cards

Wedding quotes for cards: The ideal wedding quote would be one that touches a chord deep inside you or one that expresses your emotions in a short and succinct manner. Most of the quotes revolve around love and relationships. The ones that are often used are known to viewers, while the more contemporary quotes come across as unfamiliar to those searching for such information. These quotes can be a part of ceremonies to be read by either the bride or groom or used as a means to create a unique vow, or even as part of the best man’s speech. The right wedding quote can carry a message that moves everyone who hears it. The Wedding season is starting soon and the right quote can be used to put a special message with gifts or as part of the card.

A quote for a wedding can be funny, it can be touching, it can be moving, it can be emotional and it can be sentimental but the one thing it cannot be is mean. Take care of that and you are good to go. When you are at a wedding, half the fun is in looking at the way people are dressed and mentally compare notes on the gorgeous celebrity wedding dresses that you may have seen in the past. However, the one thing to avoid is make barbs at the bride and groom in any manner as that would be considered in very poor taste.

Wedding quotes for cards

  • You two as a couple leave us speechless in wonder, joy and some envy on your wedding day for the picture of perfection you make. May god bless you with a good life! [CHECKHot Pictures of Kristen Stewart Wearing … SE><Y]
  • Looking at the two of you makes us believe in the power of love and a human’s ability to find the right mate
  • Today as you stand in front of all to say your vows of commitment I watch you with a heart that is full of hope, joy and confidence in the rightness of your union. [READCelebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers]
  • The day of your wedding is special not just for the clothes you wear or for the way you look but as it is also the beginning of your life together with the person you love
  • Today you become a wife from being just a woman and this is something that will stay with you for life.
  • Today looking at the two of you saying the right things to each other and acknowledging your importance to each other fills many hearts with hope and joy
  • People strive to make a wedding beautiful and perfect because they want the life of the couple who enter matrimony to be just like that
  • Forgive small mistakes, forget all flaws and overlook misunderstandings so that your marriage is even more spectacular than your wedding
  • A look at your wedding tells me that a thing of beauty like the two of you together making a promise to be with each other is a thing of joy indeed
  • Joy, peace, love and more are the things that I feel when I look at the two of you on this day of your wedding.