10 Tips to Deal with Relationship Breakup Pain

What kind of Relationship Breakup Pain?. We can all safely say that breakups have many forms; there is the quite one, the messy ones and there are those that make the mistake of getting back together within a few days and breaking up again! It is actually surprising how much time and effort is wasted on this process. Both genders have their own way of handling it. With most males it is a matter of having their ego destroyed and with females it manifests in terms of feeling deficient in keeping their partners happy.

Tips to Deal with Relationship Breakup Pain

  • Keep it simple and clean: Sometimes it is better to have a clean break; if it was destined to work out, it would have anyway. We all know that some relationships are not meant to be and it is better to let it go than drag things.
  • Wallow in the angst: It is only natural that the pain should hit you and hit you hard. Instead of resisting it, just let it overtake you. Avoiding the negative emotions will only postpone things. It is better to cry and what is more skin experts will tell you that is good for the skin. Plus crying is an effective stress buster.
  • Remove visible reminders of your relationship: Hanging on to stuff that reminds you of your lost love is only going to make it worse. It will take a lot of guts on your part, but you need to trash the stuff from your past to move forward.
  • Do not bounce to your next relationship: Getting together with someone else in a bid to get over this relationship is a big mistake. You will not only feeling awful about yourself, but you will also have the additional guilt of hurting someone else.
  • Stop blaming yourself: The blame game, especially when you are going to be the culprit is no fun. Women tend to play this game and end up feeling that they are not good enough or did not do enough. This stage indicates that you are in the 1st phase of your post breakup.
  • Now is the time for a new hairstyle: Taking care of yourself and working on your looks is something that can lift a woman’s mood. Go ahead, try out a new haircut. Maybe it was something you always wanted to do but kept postponing. Stop revisiting the past and keep your mind fully occupied by networking with friends and family.
  • Focus on other things: You are better off at this stage not contemplating another relationship. It is best to start concentrating on other things like work, finances or even starting an exercise program. Do something which you enjoy and which gives you visible results.
  • Go devotional: You can also start to look into things beyond the material world. This could help you to focus on a higher being and thereby starting to feel spiritually uplifted. You could seek answers to age old questions and enter a phase of self realization.
  • Let time heal you: Trite as it may seem time is indeed a great healer even when you keep fighting the healing process. However low your state of mind may be and however wounded you are by the breakup, the fact remains that you are intrinsically the same unique and special person. Life will go and time will teach you that each end is in fact the path to a fresh start.
  • Remember, Love is waiting to happen: As time waves its magic wand and your heart starts to feel lighter and better, you can be sure that good things are waiting for you. You will meet that someone special soon. But a word of caution here; be careful not to go too fast or repeat your old patterns.

Goodbye and hope to see you soon.