10 Problems that Age Difference in Relationships could create

Age Difference in Relationships can effect your love, life and we all know relationships are complicated and one has to work hard at it to make it work. It is also a known fact that there are many factors that affect a relationship, starting right from your work to your background. But today we are going to focus on age and the issues that may come about in a relationship due to this factor.

These are some of the common issues that could arise due to Age Difference in Relationships:

Older man -Younger woman: This is one of the most common combinations that is accepted in our society. But even this age old combination could give rise to some issues, when the age difference is too much:

  • Insecurity: Often you will find that the older man is suffering from insecurity due to his partner being much younger. This can result in the man trying to impose too many restrictions on the woman to prevent her from seeking younger companionship.
  • Domination: Often an older man would be in a good position in terms of wealth and confidence, which can make him the dominating force in the relationship. Sometimes the extreme youth and beauty of the woman may also lead her to dominate and often misuse her insecure and much older partner.
  • Mismatch of values: For any relationship to work it is important for the values of both parties to match. In an older man-younger woman relationship, the values may not match due to age difference
  • Imbalance: Any relationship needs a balance where one partner leads in one aspect and the other partner in another. This sort of balance is rarely found in such relationships.
  • Communication issues: Another vital link in a relationship is communication. This factor is another victim of the age difference between the two partners. A person of the older generation would have a more formal and proper way of speaking and a person who is younger would be more used to a casual approach.

 Older woman – Younger man: These sort of relationships are far from being accepted even in today’s evolved society. Such relationships are subject to raised eyebrow and a lot of scrutiny and discussion, which in itself tends to add pressure to an already tenuous relationship. That other common issues faced by such relationships are:

  • Ego: One of the things that tend to go wrong in an older woman – younger man scenario is the fact that the woman is likely to be in a well-established position in comparison to the man. This means she is more commanding and decisive and this sets the tone of the relationship and this is some friction.
  • Lack of family acceptance: Family and friends tend to hold back their approval for such relationships. Though in the initial romantic stages of the relationship, the couple tends to ignore this, it can later on become an issue.
  • Lack of common interests: Another thing that often affects this kind of relationship is the lack of common interests. Since the man is younger he may like to do more of physical activities like adventure sports. Often women after a certain age prefer the more sophisticated and quieter kind of activities.
  • Mismatch of relationship goals: When the woman is older, it is often found that they are interested in starting a family at the earliest considering the ticking of biological clock. But with a younger man, this goal is found to be unacceptable as he is more interested in establishing his career.
  • Losing interest: It has often been found that younger men and older women are drawn to each other out of curiosity and the novelty value, rather than shared interests. Once the initial heat of the relationship fades away, it is often found that either the man or the woman has lost interest in making the relationship work.

Young or old, age may not seem like a big factor but is found to be one of the key issues that makes or break a relationship. That is not to say that such relationships do not work; it is just depends on both the partners and their approach to the relationship.