How to Use Nail Polish to Solve Unusual Problems of Your Life

If you can’t land up using the entire bottle of your nail polish but loves to purchase it according to your changing mood then say hello to me in comments.
I loves to buy beauty accessories especially of nail polish. But nail polish can be used to solve many unusual problems of your life. Here are some my experiences, but any of your suggestion will be entertained.

Cover the Scratches: If in condition you have any scratch on your boots or shoes or its been scuffed or in case you are not finding the same color polish, You can simply use nail polish to cover them.
Once again, match the appropriate color and and test your color first on other part of the shoes. If you think it gonna work then go for it. Apply it on scratches and give it a minute to dry.
Seal an Envelop: Yeah, I know that envelops can be sealed by licking it, but what if you have to recheck it and then reseal it? You probably use a new envelop. But in-case of any emergency you can reseal the envelop by applying nail polish on its flap.
Upgrade your Sandals: If you get bored from the pair of your heels then you can upgrade by painting instead of stacking them away. I think you got it, but it should be done very clearly. On the first, test your nail polish on the other part of your shoes if it suits the combination then protect the rest part by wrapping tape. Paint it slowly and apply double coat if needed. Finally, remove the tape and your new heels are ready.
Once more, Don’t do it in hurry. Chose for your best colors and only paint the sole or some of the strips.
You can change the look of any junk jewellery piece that you have. Take a ring, pendant or earrings and colour them with pops of bright colours like neon green or hot pink. Simply lay the jewellery piece flat on a paper towel and begin to paint.

Repair Junk Jewellery: If you have any old pendant, ring or earrings then throw them away, you can change the look by coloring them.

Get rid of a Wart: Warts are infectious and embarrassing and the virus spreads to others easily. Covering them by nail polish not only prevent it from spreading but also diminished it in few days.

Some Bonus Tips:

  • It is better to store nail polish in refrigerator to keep them fresh and easy to use.
  • Prefer to roll it in between your pals instead of shaking before you use.
  • Cap your nail polish bottle with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover before closing. It will easily open next time.