10 Different Types of Saree Draping Styles

Different Types of Saree Draping Styles

Different Types of Saree Draping Styles: Are you shy or bold? It doesn’t really matter if you’re a social butterfly or a wallflower. All women loved to be noticed. Whether it is a party or a wedding, a social gathering is an occasion to get complimented on your dress. Indian women, however, have a secret trick. They know that the easiest and surest way to get all eyes on you is to drape 5 yards of that exquisite creation known as the Indian Saree or Sari. It’s something you can never go wrong with as it flatters most figures.We present some traditional and new ways of wearing a saree to give you some great new ideas on Different Types of Saree Draping Styles. Try them out and find a style that works for you. The style you choose also depends on your saree’s texture and drape, the style of blouse you’re wearing and the occasion you’re wearing it for.





A saree is a piece of garment that becomes what you make of it. That is you can make it demure and traditional with just a few touches. You can make it sensuous and seductive with some adjustments. A saree can also be made to be the height of sophistication by modernizing the whole look. A change in the way you wear your hair while wearing a saree will change the whole look. That is what makes the saree so magical – it is everything you want it to be and more than that too. It is both innocence and carnal desires rolled into one and this feeling comes through when you look at the creations of Sabyasachi – celebration of femininity.

Different Types of Saree Draping Styles

The Traditional way: This is the most common way of wearing the saree. The saree is draped once around the waist and pleats are formed and tucked in the middle facing left. The remaining cloth is slung over the left shoulder to cover the lady’s torso. Often the pallu, as the top part is called could be pleated and pinned neatly to the wearer’s shoulder or could be left open for the lady to manage.

Traditional way of saree draping

Bengali style of wearing saree: Draped without pleats, it is wrapped around the waist and drawn back to the right side and the pallu is slung over the left shoulder. Once again pulled up from under the right arm, it is slung over the left shoulder. Often an ornate key bunch is added to the edge to complete this very feminine and elegant drape.
Bengali style of wearing saree

Bengali style of wearing saree


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