20 Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides

Deciding on your bridal hair can be tough, so today I am going to show you my some easy steps to figure out what you are going to do.

With so many looks to choose from, how do you decide what bridal hairstyle to choose for your wedding? Here are some tips to choose the right wedding hairstyle for your big day. Most Indian brides make the mistake of ordering their bridal dress even before planning their hairstyle. Instead, it’s a good idea to decide how you want your hair to look even before you order your dress.  The reason it makes a lot of difference is because, depending on the style you choose, you may need an extra chunni to be worn back on your hair like a western bride. Be sure that your chunni matches your dress and lays lightly on your head. Here are 20 Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides.

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When it comes to wedding hairstyles of Indian brides, it is something that will have to be decided in conjunction with her entire outfit and the jewelry that she is going to wear. But that does not mean that there are no choices, actually the problem comes from too many choices. Plus, there are so many colorful bridal looks makeup ideas that you are bound to get confused. It is best for you to decide roughly on what you want to do before you go looking for detailed ideas. The thing is a bun as well as a plait works as well as a stylish ponytail!

Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides

Up do Hairstyles: If you have less hair and want to use hair extensions or bun wigs, you can go for an up do. This adds weight and volume to your look. You may also want to tie a waterfall braid over your hairdo.

French braid: This is a very popular hairdo for Indian brides, thanks to its ease and classic look. You can add accessories like pearly pins, flower lace and diamond sticks to give you a more bridal look.

Half updos with curly drops: You can get this look by tying your hair from the top and keeping it open at the bottom, so that your curls look attractive. You can also use wigs and other accessories to set your half-tied hair to jazz up the curls at the bottom.

Fringe styles: If you have a broad forehead, you can use a fringe cut to make it look smaller. You will need to get your hair cut to fall over your forehead in the direction you set it. At the back, you can tie your hair into a bun or keep it open, depending on your preference.

Make a note that all the Wedding Hairstyles for Indian Brides highlighted above should definitely be accessorized by diamond or imitation jewellery.


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