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30 Sexy Plus Size Swimsuits For Summer 2017

If you are reading this article, then we assume that you are a generously curved girl or woman and we feel that you are fortunate indeed. Why are we saying this, you may wonder. The fact is that most of the world is going on about women being skinny or else into body shaming if

40 Super Hot Beach Outfits For 2016

It is summer and this means taking a break and chilling out on the beach and if you are doing that, then we must envy you and congratulate you. You are lucky and you should make the most of this golden time. The fact is summer brings along a lot of things including the utter

40 Lovely Looks For Skirt Addicts

Are you a skirt addict? You must be wondering what we mean by skirt addict. well, anybody who loves to wear skirts and that too compulsively and beyond any other outfit, then you will come under the category of skirt addict. The best part is that this addiction of yours is not only great for

40 Complete White on White Outfits For This Summer

Summer brings with it hot weather, humidity, perspiration, vacation time and other connected activities. While most of us love the heat and freedom that summer brings with it, we also feel that sometimes the heat can make the living conditions for you very difficult. That is why, many of us start looking for briefer clothes