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10 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying Makeup

Often when we look at women wearing makeup we discover that while some look really stunning, others manage to look quite awkward and garish. The women who do not pull of wearing makeup well are the ones that must be committing some of the common makeup mistakes given here: The first mistake is not being

8 Best Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

When it comes to blue eyes, the one thing we can all agree on is that they look really appealing. They add an instant appeal to your face. But what if you knew some makeup tips to make them look even better? We are sure that this will really make you look even better. Keeping in mind

Top 10 Eye Makeup Styles to try this Year

Eyes, the most beautiful creation of Heaven. Being the most beautiful, they deserve to be treated beautifully. They don’t deserve to be ignored or neglected from you, but to get colored and decorated. Yes, they deserve a cool makeup with the most sensational and vivid colors. However, sometimes women may find it difficult to to