Daring But Also Demure Derby Dressing

We don’t know whether you have fessed up about this but this is what we think. It is that most girls and women would probably shock the boys and men in their lives when they confess what they really look more at what other women are wearing than the actual proceedings when they are at

Pretty And Perfect Pearl Embellished Dresses

Pearls are considered the tears of the moon and often seen as a romantic jewel that is endowed with a lot of soft, romantic and spiritual qualities. While we believe all this could be true, we also feel that pearls, when seen from a fashion view point are definitely flattering to a woman’s skin making

How To Text Guys Like A Pro10

How To Text Guys Like A Pro

The technological revolution has changed the way we communicate to one another and it has made our communication easier via phones, iPods and computers. But sometimes such communication creates a lot of problems, especially for girls. Almost every modern girl tries to text a guy for once in her life. And it happens that often