How To Look Expensive On A Budget

What does looking expensive mean? It means that you can afford to wear expensive clothing that is classic and that you are well put together. This means that you look polished and poised while presenting a classy look. When we enter the grownup world where work becomes a priority, we all wish to have such

40 Stylish Boat Neck Outfit Ideas

Fashion trends every year or season dictate what body part is considered the more sexy for that period with the whole range of assorted body parts having their turn at one time or another. We all (by this we mean, those who are into fashion) follow this avidly, but the one body part that will

20 Most Flirty Dialogues From Movies

Movies offer us so much; escape from reality, entertainment, inspiration, a different point of view and fashions galore. But sometimes it is odd but we only remember the words that were spoken because though we are not conscious of it, but words carry a lot of weight. In this article, we will look at the

20 Mother-Daughter Relationship Quotes

Mothers and daughters have such a weird and complex relationship that it is not easy to describe in easy terms. The fact is that any man would be stumped by the seemingly simmering cauldron of emotions that seem to exist between a mother and daughter. There is a lot of tension and criticism no doubt,

40 Gorgeous Pleated Skirt Outfits

Whenever the word pleated skirt is mentioned, it brings to mind a retro look with girls and women in midi length skirts are delicately pleated skirt and this is true to a certain extent though the word classic would be more apt here than the word retro. It is because the concept of an outfit