10 Long Distance Relationship Tips

Read these Long Distance Relationship Tips to keep your love alive. You fell in love with someone and had a great time together. Then tragedy strikes, your loved one moves off to another place. Now you get to spend time together only on holidays or chat on the web. It can be difficult to forget

10 Tips to Deal with Relationship Breakup Pain

What kind of Relationship Breakup Pain?. We can all safely say that breakups have many forms; there is the quite one, the messy ones and there are those that make the mistake of getting back together within a few days and breaking up again! It is actually surprising how much time and effort is wasted

A Guide to African American Wedding Hairstyles

Today we are discussing about African American Wedding Hairstyles, As a woman of African-American descent, you have huge number of choice for styling your hair. While deciding on one, please keep in mind that the hairdo should not cause discomfort during the long wedding day celebration. Pick one that represents the unique woman you are.

Five Questions to Ask Your Mother Now

Questions to Ask Your Mother Now: “Can I ask you about something” mumbles my seven year old child. One look at his serious demeanor and I know that it is not going to be easy to answer. As a family we were pretty offbeat. It could be anything; me and my husband have been married

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make him Smile

50 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make him Smile: Part 1

After getting good response and appreciation for “Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend”  and “Sweet Poems For Her” from our amazing visitors we’re presenting another article of same kind. But this time, the article is completely dedicated to those girls who want to fill their relationship with some bright colors. Here an amazing list

40 Best Wedding quotes for cards

Wedding quotes for cards: The ideal wedding quote would be one that touches a chord deep inside you or one that expresses your emotions in a short and succinct manner. Most of the quotes revolve around love and relationships. The ones that are often used are known to viewers, while the more contemporary quotes come

10 Secrets for a Happy Marriage Life

Secrets for a Happy Marriage Life: Couples who make their marriage work are usually smart. They strive to keep themselves informed about the habits of other happy couples by reading and general observation. Ask any happy couple and they will tell you the secret to a good marriage is by living it, through all the

40 Most Beautiful Wedding Speech Quotes

wedding speech quotes Here, we have created a list of The Most Beautiful Wedding Speech Quote. Jump into the post with an eloquent and moving reflection on soul-binding, love or marriage. Wedding speech quotes always make more sense when they are from the heart as this means that you are something that is not only