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Best Candid Shots Of Brides & Bridal Sarees

Best Candid Shots Of Brides & Bridal Sarees

A wedding is the most D-day for every bride and groom; they both plan their lot in a dreamy way which makes the moment quite memorable. The bridal sarees, wedding jewellery, footwear, the venue, makeup, each and everything has a lot of importance in their own way. Who doesn’t like to swirl their lehenga like

How to Be Fashionable While Wearing a Bathrobe

Wearing a bathrobe is the definition of being pampered. Bathrobes replace a towel after a bath, they can be worn when you have house guests or when you are getting the paper. They can protect your clothing from make-up. Bathrobes are perfect for breakfast in bed. If you enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning reading the

40 Outfit Ideas For Women With A Big Bust

Girls and women are often obsessed with the way their bust line or breasts are shaped and their size. This is not only because breasts are a sign of femininity, but also because the opposite sex also tends to focus on these. Women who have a smaller bust line, enjoy the fact that most clothing

Gorgeous Grown Up Style To Up Your Game

There comes a time in your life when you emerge fresh out of college and are eager to step into the world of business, whether in the form of employment or as an entrepreneur. At this juncture, you realize that you just do not know how to present yourself in terms of the way you

Frivolous And Friendly Looking Flapper Dresses

The concept of a flapper came about in the early years of the nineteenth century when women rebelled against the normal conventions of how women dressed in those days. They did away with the exaggerated cinched waists, the thrust up bosoms, and the huge hip flare to wear dresses that almost looked boyish by the

Catchy Cross Halter Dresses For Comfort And Glamor

Have you ever seen one of those advertisements or a demonstration video where a woman (usually one who is petite and probably of oriental origin) demonstrates 10-12 or even more ways to wear a dress? We are sure most of you have and one of the ways she usually demonstrates is the cross halter style.