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How to Dress the Prettiest Flower Girls

How to Dress the Prettiest Flower Girls

There’s nothing sweeter than a flower girl walking down the aisle and spreading petals to announce the coming wedding party and bride. It’s been a tradition for millennia, beginning in ancient Roman times when young girls carried sheaves or baskets of wheat to symbolize fertility and prosperity for the bride and groom. During Medieval times,

40 Dreamy Wedding Dresses

How often have you dreamt of that wedding with the perfect dress among other many perfect details? If you are a girl or woman we are sure, you have had this vision in your mind. The thing is, it does not even matter what your marital status is, the dream about that dreamy wedding dress

Colored Wedding Dresses For A Change

Wedding dresses have been seen as something that are always in white, cream, or shades thereof that we have shut off our minds to the possibility of any other color. However, when we think about it, there is a world of colors waiting out there for you and why do you really need to restrict