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40 Casual Outfits With Leggings For Every Occasion

40 Casual Outfits With Leggings For Every Occasion

While there is a school of thought that believes that fashion is a demanding master or mistress with not much room for compromise, but there is another which says that fashion leaves a lot open to interpretation and thereby compromise. In this article, we will tell you that fashion is only meant to be used

40 Stylish Boat Neck Outfit Ideas

Fashion trends every year or season dictate what body part is considered the more sexy for that period with the whole range of assorted body parts having their turn at one time or another. We all (by this we mean, those who are into fashion) follow this avidly, but the one body part that will

40 Gorgeous Pleated Skirt Outfits

Whenever the word pleated skirt is mentioned, it brings to mind a retro look with girls and women in midi length skirts are delicately pleated skirt and this is true to a certain extent though the word classic would be more apt here than the word retro. It is because the concept of an outfit

40 Flawless Outfits To Try This Year

What is a flawless outfit? Is it possible to define something as vast as this in terms of fashion, which in any case, is not an easy and simple subject? But in spite of this vast and often confusing subject that leaves many a smart woman feeling lost and bewildered, there is proof that you