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How To Text Guys Like A Pro10

How To Text Guys Like A Pro

How To Text Guys Like A Pro

The technological revolution has changed the way we communicate to one another and it has made our communication easier via phones, iPods and computers. But sometimes such communication creates a lot of problems, especially for girls. Almost every modern girl tries to text a guy for once in her life. And it happens that often

10 Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry

What does love have to do with fashion? Everything! Love is something that will always be in fashion, for starters and for another love is probably the reason that most girls and women show so much interest in fashion for. Think about it, apart from being the life force that sustains us love also does

40 Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Are you in a long distance relationship? Then our sympathies are with you; long distance relationships are difficult to be in basically because of the time you need to spend missing each other. But then some relationships have to go through the grind and pain of being this way before the two of you can

40 Cute 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Though people come up with clich├ęs like marriages being made in heaven, we all know that it is the two people who are part of the couple who actually need to make it work. And when we talk about making it work, we mean that people need to be tolerant, affectionate, understanding, respectful and very

40 Cute Spanish Love Phrases

While some people claim that love is above language barriers and a simple look is enough to make your feelings known, we feel that words can help too. And when it comes to romance, the Spanish score pretty high. Their country is known for producing legendary Latin lovers who make the Senoritas go weak in

40 Short Spanish Love Poems For Your Lover

Love is a many splendored thing and it strikes almost all of us at one time or another. When it does not it is such a mix of pain and pleasure that it leaves longing for more even as we fear it. Expressing your love is an art, that not many of us have a

50 Cute Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Being part of a couple can be a great deal of fun especially when you are the kind of couple who shares interests and likes to do things together. After all, that is the point of being in a relationship, right? That is why cute short love stories to make you smile are something that