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Cute Layered Bob | Rihanna Style

20+ Cute Layered Bob | Rihanna Style

20+ Cute Layered Bob | Rihanna Style

Today Bob hairstyles become more and more popular among women. It is known as one of the best short hairstyles for weak half of mankind. Bob hairstyles appeared for women to accent their femininity and beauty and to attract man`s attention to them. You know that feeling when more you look at Bob hairstyles the

40 Gorgeous Looks Of Kate Middleton

If you were slim, elegant and knew how to dress, then whom would you want to be compared to in terms of sartorial style? The answer that comes to mind instantaneously is Kate Middleton. She is the epitome of young and elegant chic and seems to know how to dress up in the best way

40 Beautiful Looks Of Jessica Alba

What happens when you look at the photos of one celebrity? You start thinking that she has the perfect style and the perfect looks and maybe there is no one else who can do that. Then you come across another celebrity who is nothing like the first one you looked at but perfect in her

Memorable Magic of Manish Malhotra Creations

Sometimes some fashion creations are so alluring and voluptuous and quintessentially feminine that they weave a memorable magic in your mind. The creations of Manish Malhotra come under this category as is evident from the way stars seek his creations. Looking at some of the Manish Malhotra creations will leave you feeling something akin to

Cutest Looks Of Olivia Palermo So Far

40 Cutest Looks Of Olivia Palermo So Far

When you look as awesome as Olivia Palermo does, then it is a given that most of the outfits that you wear are also going to look awesome. However, it is precisely women who look so good that take care with what they wear so that they always turn out looking really good. It is

30 Gorgeous Celebrity Wedding Dresses

A wedding usually means a lot of glamour for the bride and when the wedding in question is that of a celebrity, you can be sure that the whole affair will be awesome. We are not saying that brides who are not celebrities lack glamour, but it is just that celebrities already have that extra

30 Cutest Celebrity Couples of This Year

What is it that makes celebrity couples so fascinating for the rest of the world? Is it the glamour? Is it the secret wish we all have to our ideal mate? Does it have to do with our need for affirmation from the rich and popular that it is right for all of us to

Jennifer Lopez Collaborating With Taylor Swift

An exciting news that will definitely amaze a lot of music lovers is that Jennifer Lopez’s new album is expected be filled with a lot of other singing sensations as well. Reports say that Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with a great singing idol, Taylor Swift for her new collaboration. Reports also confirmed that Chris

Khole Kardashian To Dump Lamar Odom?

Recent rumors have been heard that Kris Jenner is pushing her daughter, Khole Kardashian to leave and dump her husband because she thinks that the basket ball player Lamar is destroying and running her daughter’s career. Sources reported that Kardashian is about to end her three year relationship with the NBA star because her relationship