Fashion is one of the things in our lives that is really constant – that is constant in the sense that it is constantly changing. You can be sure that what is popular and fashionable today may not be so tomorrow. But the chances are also that a trend you like now may revisit us again in the future but with a twist.

Are you confused? Well, we don’t blame you. When it comes to fashion most people are confused but definitely interested. Even those among us who vociferously deny this interest , will within themselves have some interest. Often many of us are part of fashion and even influenced by it without being aware of it.

Stylishwife recognizes this need in most human beings. The simple vanity of wanting to look your best no matter what your limitations are, in terms of physical appearance. We also believe that while fashion borrows a lot from our basic culture, there are some things in fashion that are beyond cultural borders.

A fine example in this regard is the way a bride thinks and plans things for her wedding day. This feeling and need transcends all borders cultural and geographical. Keeping such factors in mind, we bring to you many ideas connected to your wedding day.

Another thing that Stylishwife realizes and completely acknowledges is that each one of us has different facial structures, body types, hair types and height. Which in turn means that fashion as such has to mold itself to take into consideration all these factors. Or else it would be a mere travesty where all humans are forced to fit into one mould, which is not going to work. In fact the differences are what make us so interesting.

We also believe that our fashion needs change according to many things. This could be the changes in our appearance (becoming thinner/ fatter or aging), or change in occasion (wedding/party/meeting the in-laws for the first time) or change in circumstances (moving from Saudi Arabia to Canada). Life as we know it keeps changing so do the seasons and fashions and all these factors affect how we view and use fashion in our lives.

The aim of the site has always been a destination which offers rich and varied resources with regard to fashion, style and how you can make both work for you. To this end we are on the lookout for what women, men, teenagers and children need and are looking for, so that we can work at providing that resource. We are well aware that this is huge enterprise and will continue for a long time as many things keep changing. But it is this constant change and dynamism in fashion that draws us to it.

We have strived to cover and will continue to provide you resources that include:

  • Ideas for wedding outfits and hairstyles for different cultures, styles and requirements
  • Helpful tips on how to get just the right look and attire for different occasions
  • Some back to school ideas for teenager that are easy, not so expensive, stylish, comfortable and also attractive
  • Tips about different hairstyles that will suit a particular shape of face (rounded, square, heart shaped, oval etc) and also for different types of hair (like wavy, straight and curly)
  • Way to wear certain types of garments, like a saree
  • We believe that fashion is romantic and thereby try and provide you some inputs in the right direction like a collection of sayings to set the right mood
  • Body art like piercings and tattoos are also covered as they are an inevitable part of fashion.


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