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We think fashions today and most people who love them will have to take a moment to thank the person who came up with the concept of denim. Think of this – what would you wear when you want to look cool and attractive, but without looking as if you had gone to a great deal of effort, if there were no denim available. Starting as a robust fabric to be worn by men who had to ride hard and long on horses to round up cattle, denim has come a long way so much so that we just cannot imagine dressing up without denim around. If anything, we can see that denim is something that is not only part of the higher echelons of fashion but also in the streetstyle that we see all around. This includes everything from jeans to darling denim skirts that never go out of fashion. Imagine if denim can look so good being made up into denim skirts and even complete dresses, then just imagine what else fashion designers and apparel manufacturers can up with.

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This is good news as denim on denim outfits for denim addicts like me will always crave for more options. The thing is denim is something that not only looks good on rugged men but also on pretty and feminine women. That is why while there is the concept of dashing denim jackets for men to look handsome, there are also awesome denim jackets outfits for women to look hot and cool at the same time.

How Do You Put Together A Streetstyle Denim Jacket Outfit?

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Logic dictates that a denim jacket would look good with jeans and a nice t-shirt underneath and this completely works. It is classic and hardly needs a thought to put together and still looks so right. But is that all? Of course not! Denim jackets are so awesome that you can actually come up with many styles and outfits that will have you wondering why you did not think of these combinations before.

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Leather and denim: When you can wear a leather jacket over a pair of jeans, then why not the other way around? You can wear a rugged denim jacket with a pair of sleek leather pants. And this is a combination that works very well because of the contrast of the fabrics in each part of the outfit and the fact that they are both essentially considered masculine and can look awesome of girls and women.

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Denim jacket with dress: A soft feminine dress with lines that clearly accentuate your body in the best possible way can be a good way to go. But some girls and women may feel that it is too overwhelmingly girly and to give this look a break from being stereotypical is by adding a nice denim jacket to it. It not only provides physical warmth but also completes the outfit.

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Denim and lace: It almost seems like a sacrilege to say both these words in the same sentence. But before you start thinking it is not going to work, we want you to listen to us. Believe us when we tell you that fashion is all about combining two unlikely textures and styles to make a unique style statement. That is what will happen when you wear a pristine skirt made of lace along with something that is quintessentially feminine like a soft peasant blouse or some other top and then top it off with a rugged denim jacket. It will have an explosive impact on the onlooker which is not at all a good thing to happen when it comes to fashion.

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Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | info@controlecreatif.com | www.controlecreatif.com

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The thing is a denim jacket when used on the basis of streetstyles is not just a jacket. It can in fact be an expression of your individuality by adding beads and bohemian touches to it if that is what you like. You can also add some cute patches or applique work to make the denim jacket your own. Even a collection of buttons and badges added to your denim jacket can make it really awesome to look at. In fact, we feel that all women could do well to invest in a nice denim jacket that they can bring out and use to be part of the streetstyles.


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