40 Beautiful Charmed Arms With Alex & Ani Bangles

What is a bangle but an arm adornment? After all, a bangle is a bangle, right? Okay, some of you may say that the bangle is a very pretty adornment that will make your wrists look better. But did you know that bangles are worn in many cultures by women because it presses lightly on their pulse at the wrists and keeps them full of positive energy? And to this thought and concept, if you add some like Alex & Ani bangles, which are made with all the best intentions and keeping energy, spirituality and balance of the mind in their design intentions, then you have a winning combination. The best part is that Alex and Ani bangles are really pretty, very quirky and can appeal to the new age side of you. This is one style trend where you can use fashion to make your own style statement.

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0001

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0011

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0021

Beautiful Charmed Arms With Alex & Ani Bangles

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0031

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0041

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0091

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0081

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0071


And if you want to really make your Alex and Ani bangles pop, then you can go with beautiful Mehandi designs for feet and legs to ensure a balance. We are sure that if you are anything like the typical female of our species, then you will make it a point to notice the hands and feet of others. In such instances, you may have noticed excellent pictures of women wearing rings, and you may have wondered how the same hands would look if you wore bangles along with them. You may have thought that hands wearing rings would look too gaudy if you further add bangles to it. But with Alex and Ani bangles, you can rest assured that the clean, simple and meaningful lines of these bangles can ensure that your hands look decorated but not overwhelmingly so.

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0061

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0051

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0101

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0111

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0121

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0131

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0141

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0191

If you are into the fashion scene, then you may know a bit of the kind of jewelry that Alex and Ani make. And if you are not, then let us tell you a bit about it. Alex and Ani and the kind of jewelry they make. The bangles they make are simply a round of metal in most cases, but the twist or addition comes in the form of charms and lockets. Since they allow you the freedom to do so, you can pick and choose the kind of charms you want to add to the bangles. This means that you can have a theme running through the bangles if you so please.

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0181

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0171

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0161

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0151

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0211

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0201

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0221

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0231

In fact, they even offer the choice to customize chains and necklaces so that you can pick out matching bangles and necklaces. The thing is, some of you may think that these fashions look as if they are to be worn by someone hep and trendy but that is not the case; women of any age can wear them. After all you are as young as you feel. It also boils down to the style quotient you have and you want to project.

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0241

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0251

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0261

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0271

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0281

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0291

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0341

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0331

If you look closely at some of the Alex and Ani bangles, then you will realize that most of them have classic lines. And this means that you may be able to wear these bangles can be worn quite suitably with jeans as well as a formal suit or a beach dress if you want to.  Since most of the pieces shown here are in platinum, copper, silver and gold hues making it very suitable for most dresses.

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0321

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0311

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0301

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0351

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0361

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0371

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0381

Arms with Alex & Ani Bangles0391

The addition of flashes of color come in the form of inscriptions and crystals etc. that only add to the charm of these bracelets. Do tell us what you think.


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