Comfortable Knee Length Socks That Create A Knockout Effect

The thing about fashions and fashion trends is that there are rarely any fashion trends that are comfortable as well as sexy. However, we said rare but not impossible and to prove our point, we will tell you about one of them – knee length socks. Yes, those mundane knee length socks that you used to abhor wearing with your school uniform can be used to create a sexy effect not to mention a warm effect too. You will know what we mean when you see these sexy women wearing knee high long socks.  We may have mentioned this earlier, but this point can be reiterated again that a bit of flesh peeking out creates a sexier effect than outright exposure and this is what the knee length socks does.

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You should include the knee length socks in the different knitwear fashion trends to follow this season so that you look good and stay warm. If you are still wondering which outfits the knee socks will work with, you can look at the many images we have given here. You can always wear the pinafore dress for a smart and sleek look and add knee length socks for good effect to this ensemble.

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There are few items of clothing or forms of attire that can claim to be naughty and nice and the knee length socks is one of them. You will often see that this so nice and almost schoolgirl like attire will be such a big turn on for men and it is not always easy to define why. We probably feel that it is because it has a nice vibe of cuteness to it and adds a touch of innocence to it that almost makes one itch to touch the person to see if it is true.

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The knee length socks is not all about being naughty, it also adds a definite touch of smartness to an outfit and makes the person wearing it feel more secure. Just imagine that though you have an attractive body, you are just not used to wearing a really short skirt or dress. In such cases, a wearing some contrasting or matching knee length socks can add an extra touch to the outfit, make it look even more flattering and complete while making you feel more comfortable at the same time.

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The one thing that you have to ensure while wearing longer socks is to ensure that they are in good condition. This means that they have to be clean and have no holes or not have elastic that is sagging.  Another caution is that you have to ensure that you pick out footwear that works well with the socks. The point we are trying to make here is that the focus of the onlooker will be on your socks and not on the footwear. Which is why you need to ensure that the footwear is good but not too flashy and will fit over the socks in a proper manner.

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You can go for either plain or textured knee length socks depending on your choice. We also feel that you should go with patterned socks if you are wearing a plain and simple dress and wear plain socks when you have a patterned dress on. In case you cannot find a pair of knee length socks that matches or contrasts with the color of the dress that you are wearing, then it is better to go for neutral shades. This means that you can go for black, brown, gray, white, or cream socks as suited to the dress that you are wearing.

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