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The first thing that we would like to do is congratulate you if not on your engagement, for at least reaching a stage where you are contemplating the world of engagement rings. Now that we are on the subject of engagement rings, it is but natural to think of other wedding related aspects. It could range from how to use wedding bands to make your wedding hairstyle look great to other aspects of the way you are dressed on your special day. While you are on the subject of how to look your best on your wedding day, do check out lovely wedding dresses that can be bought on ETSY.

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The engagement ring and the way it lands on your finger is an exciting thing to happen and this can be only felt and not described. Once your finger is adorned by the engagement ring, you will be delighted and start feeling the need to flaunt it. However, even when you are busy doing it, also read up on the tips on what to wear underneath your wedding dress so that your groom is also delighted.

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The exciting world of engagement rings can be confusing for most of us. While we all know that the engagement ring is supposed to have a nice sized diamond on it, the other factors can be confusing. The thing is a diamond engagement ring can be set in many colored metals like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. This is just the beginning of your foray into the world of engagement rings, the deeper you delve into it, the more confusing choices you will come across.

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Then comes the settings of the diamonds with terms like claw setting, bezel setting, embedded setting, cathedral setting, the tunnel setting to name just a few. These are simple ways in which the diamond is set into the metal of the ring. Most rings are set in one of the ways but in rings where there is one big diamond in the middle and several small stones around the ring, there can be two or more types of settings used.

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Another important consideration that people have when it comes to engagement rings is the design of the ring though most of the rings are done in a simple design without much designing around the stone (diamond) to ensure that the stone is the one that is seen. If you are the kind who can afford it, then you could go for a diamond ring in a different color. If you did not know already, diamonds do come in other colors like a black diamond, or a rose diamond or other shades, though these can be pricey.

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Then comes the consideration whether the diamond ring should have another stone added, which can be any of the other precious stones like the ruby, sapphire, emerald or in rare cases the alexandrite. It is only people who believe in gemology or with a particular penchant for a precious stone who go for an engagement ring, that has any stone other than a diamond.

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Once you have explored these options for an engagement ring, give due consideration to the wedding band which can be made to match the engagement ring. Today there is a fashion for getting two engagement rings that work together as a set when worn together but can also be worn one at a time. This arrangement works very well when the woman or girl in question does not feel comfortable wearing a very expensive ring in all situations but still wants to wear an engagement ring. The set of two can be worn for evening wear, where it is more appropriate.


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