Here Are The Different Types Of Lips That Are Considered Most Attractive

When it comes to the faces of women, people look at each aspect and still nobody can tell you why one woman looks beautiful to some while the same woman looks average to another person. That is because the perception of beauty is different for different people.  However, having said that most people will agree that a girl’s lips define how attractive she looks to men on the whole. That is why when you come across images of beautiful women wearing lipstick, you tend to stare at these images as if you are mesmerized.

To ensure that their lips looks the best it can girls and women across the world have a question – they want to pick the right shade of lipstick, and they would like to learn how to do this. Want your lipstick to last longer? Then there are some guides that will help you do that.

However, Before You Proceed To The Selection Of Lipsticks And Learning How To Make The Lipstick Last Longer, Do Find Out The General Classification Of Lip Shapes As Given Below:


full lips 2

full lips 3

Full lips: These are the kind of lips that are considered really hot on women as they tend to form a pout. This means that both the lips; upper and lower are pretty thick and symmetrical and make you look really attractive.

wide lips 1

wide lips 2

wide lips 3

Wide Lips: These type of lips are also defined as having a generous mouth and this is definitely different from full lips, in the sense that the lips are pretty wide but not necessarily thick. Women with wide lips tend to look good when they smile as it looks really attractive.

round lips 1

round lips 2

round lips 3

Here Are The Different Types Of Lips

Round Lips: Though not as sexy looking as full lips, round lips tend to look cute and appealing. The thing is they tend to look flirty and you can make them work for you with the right kind of lipstick on them.

thin lips 1

thin lips 2

thin lips 3

Thin Lips: The thinner lips on girls and women tends to make them look classy and elegant, which can be really desirable. They tend to make the woman in question look a bit aloof which can make the opposite sex to want to get closer to you so that they can penetrate that exterior.

heavy upper lip 4

heavy upper lip 2

heavy upper lip 3

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