Toe Rings Meaning – Know More About Them

Is there any limit to the types of jewelry that women use in making themselves more attractive? Actually, when you come to think of it, there really is no limit to the kinds of jewelry that women will wear. Keeping that in mind, this article will take a look at toe rings, something that is not a piece of jewelry that is generally used but one that is fast gaining a lot of popularity. It is just like how you got to know your ear rings, the same way you can know more about the toe ring.

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Once you are in the know about toe rings, you will soon be fashioning your own toe rings and also coming up with ways to wear them like people having cute bracelet ideas for girls that have become so popular. Though toe rings may not seem such a big piece of jewelry and it is not, it still can add to the charm of the whole look and that is why it is part of beautiful jewelry designs for women.

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Toe Rings Meaning:

In some traditions and cultures like in India, the toe ring is one of the marks of a married woman. A pair to two toe rings are normally worn in the second toe of each feet. Depending on personal choice and affordability of the person wearing toe ring, the design can be as elaborate or as simple as a simple plain ring. Though you will see silver being used often in the making of toe rings, they are not usually made of gold. It could be due to cultural reasons as well as practical ones as gold is a really soft metal that would wear out if worn on the feet.

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Normally toe rings worn for embellishment purposes are still in pairs with matching ones for both the feet. But when girls wear toe rings just for the sake of making their feet prettier, they need not necessarily be made of silver. In fact, all kinds of materials are used and rhinestones are added to make them pop out even more.

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When you are planning on making your prettier by wearing toe rings, then ensure that your footwear is also open to get maximum mileage out of it. This means showing off your feet by wearing toe rings will be more practical in summer when you are likely to wear open sandals or even going bare feet when on the beach.

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You can wear a toe ring on the largest toe which is connected with the feet with a bunch of chains to make it look really fancy. It is also a good idea to paint your toe nails in a pretty color to make the whole look pop .


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In case you want to keep the toe ring simple, then you can go for one or two toe rings worn on the second and third toe of each foot. You may go for a really simple and plain toe ring or something that comes studded with stones depending on the mood.

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If you are really in the mood to make your feet a centerpiece, then you can wear a toe ring on each of your toes. To complete the look, these toe rings can be connected with a chain that would merge in the center of the top portion of your feet. Or in case you do not want something so elaborate, then you can go with just the toe rings without the attached chains.

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As you can see toe rings can be worn in many interesting ways to make your feet look prettier.