20 Fashion Rules To Be Broken this Year

When it comes to fashion we live by the rules, whether it is fashion for women over 50 or the hot and latest fashion trends for teenagers. In fact we are religious about reading up, searching and then sticking to the fashion and style rules. But what if we were to tell you that you can and should in fact, break some rules. Here goes our list of fashion rules that you may break if it suits you:



Wearing a combination of red and pink: All along we have been told that this is a rule to live by. But  you can break the rule by going for the right shade of red matched up with pink.



Combining navy blue with black: This may seem a big fashion no but in reality it may be a very smart combination to go with. The picture given here may be a bit extreme but it drives our point home.

fashion rules broken shorts and tightsShorts in winter: Who says that shorts are only for summer, they look awesome in winter too. Just pair them with black tights and lovely footwear and you are hot sight for a cold winter day.

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apartment34.com –

Mixing prints: As a matter of fact mixing prints makes it look better and brighter. You tend to stand out in the best way possible.

fashion trends broken small women maxi
Small women wearing maxi skirts: This is again another  fashion rule that was meant to be broken. You only have to look at the example to see that.