Some Myths Believed By Black Folks By Themselves

Like every other race, there are some myths that perpetuate the culture of the black people too. The fact is that some of these have become sort of legendary and people believe them all the time. The fact is each race has its own look, style and trends as do black people like the natural hairstyles for black women to try this year, among other things. But while talking about style, trends or short curly hairstyles for black women is one thing but believing these myths is something else.

Before we conclude anything, let us take a look at these myths:

Black don’t crack: This is something that you will hear a lot in popular media and even in real life. What it means is that black people have skin that does not age as much as other races. This thought is proven by many black people who show an amazing tendency to age slowly as compared to people of other races. Is this true? Apparently this is true and this fact is validated by dermatologists who confirm that black people come to them about skin related problems almost a decade later than people who have skin that is fairer. Apparently melanin that is a pigment that has an effect on the color of skin, eyes and hair can also protect you from the sun, which can age the skin faster. But this does not mean that people with darker skin need no protection from the sun.