10 Different Beard Styles And How To Grow Them Correctly

Beard is always a great part of fashion. Men used to style their beard in order to give them a good and nice look. There are a lot of beard styles but most of the people don’t know how to grow them. Following are some of the most common and popular beard designs and the ways and tips to grow them.


Different Beard Styles

1.      Goatee:

This style of beard contains the facial hairs on the chin. A standard width of a goatee is the same as the width of your chin.

How To Grow A Goatee:

Growing a goatee is a really easy task, you just have to let your facial hairs grow below your lower lip. Width of your goatee should be adjusted with the width of your chin. Goatee is generally recommended for the persons more than 30 years of age.





Beards for men

2.      Soul Patch:

One of the most easiest beard styles, a Soul patch is a beard style in which the facial hairs are just below your lower lip in a smaller area. It is also known as the “Imperial”.

How To Grow A Soul Patch:

Just allow your facial hairs to grow under your lower lip and you are done. You can give this beard style a shape of your choice.






3.      Fu Manchu:

Originated from China, in this style, the mustache falls down the lips giving you an elegant and graceful look. Fu Manchu is Chinese man who is very popular.

How To Grow Fu Manchu:

Let your mustache grow and fall down below your lips.






4.      Balbo:

It is a variation of goatee, which include thick mustache as well.

How To Grow Balbo:

Growing this beard style is not as difficult as it looks. You just have to let your facial and mustache hairs to grow. Once they have grown trim the facial hairs on chin and mustache to have this cool beard style.





balbo 1

5.      Mutton Chops:

A very popular beard style in which the sideburns appears and goes to the corners of your chin.

How To Grow Mutton Chops:

It is very easy to grow. You just have to grow your facial hairs for about a month. Once you are done, shave your chin.






6.      Winnfield:

A combination of mutton chops and Fu Manchu, Winnfield has got the beard from mutton chops and mustache from the Fu Manchu.

How To Grow The Winnfield:

It just similar to growing mutton chops. You just have to grow your mustache a little more. While removing your facial hairs, you have to be very careful.

winn 3





7.      The Zappa:

It is an extended version soul patch; the only difference is that the facial hairs are a little wider under the lower lip.

How To Grow Zappa:

An easy task, just grow your facial hairs and shape the hairs under your lower lip.






8.      Chain Puff:

It is a little narrower version of goatee. It can only cover the centre of your chin.

How To Grow Chain Puff:

You can easily have a chain puff within one month.






9.      Anchor:

Is is one of the most difficult and different beared styles. Men with long face can adapt this beard style.

How To Grow Anchor:

Growing an anchor is not very easy because is a mixture of zappa, soul patch, goatee and mutton chops.






10.  Friendly Mutton Chops:

This style is related to muttonchops. The little difference is that, the sideburns meets mustache. Just let your facial hair grow and remove unnecessary hairs carefully without spoiling the style.

How To Grow Friendly Mutton Chops:

This is so simple, just let your beard grow and then shave your facial hairs on the chin.




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