50 Cute Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile

Cute Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile
Cute Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile

Here are some of the Cute Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile. Many a guy is lost for ideas when trying to find something for their sweethearts and end up with the same old formula of flowers and chocolates. While that is really good, there is so much more you can do for your girlfriend that will touch her heart and make her fall even more in love with you.

Cute Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile

Here goes a list of Things to Give your Girlfriend to Make her Smile. You need to apply the thought behind these to suit your sweetheart and her tastes. Also remember that you need not all of them but simply pick the ones that will work.

  • Warm up her slippers when she comes in from a really cold night. She will love the way the warmth makes her feel (both yours and her footwear’s).
  • Get those small but really tedious repairs that she has been putting off, done when she is not there.
  • Ensure that her computer is virus protected at all times.
  • Do her laundry when she is sleeping and surprise her with a clean pile of clothes.
  • Have a cup of tea or coffee waiting for her when she gets up in the morning.
  • Stock up on her favorite snacks during that time of the month when she feels all upset and present them to her along with her favorite book/movie.
  • Have a hot dinner waiting for her when she comes in from a hard day at work.
  • Spend time with boyfriends of her girlfriends so that she can enjoy a girls’ night out.
  • Load her I pod with her favorite songs just before she goes for her walk/jog
  • Let her have the last chocolate from the box of chocolates that you guys are sharing.
  • Listen to her as she bitches about her boss and people at work. Take her side even if you think she is not right.
  • Do something nice for her siblings/parents when they visit, so that she can take it easy.
  • Leave cute and sweet notes to cheer her up throughout the day in her bag, lunch box etc so that she can read them and smile throughout the day.
  • Give her that foot rub when she looks tired, even it means you have to give up your relaxation time.
  • Let her have control of the remote when you feel she needs to vegetate in front of the television.
  • Get her favorite dress dry cleaned just before that special occasion.
  • Lie back and cuddle when she is in a weepy mood.
  • Create a cute and visually impressive wallpaper for her computer.
  • Fill her car with gas when she does not have the time to do it.
  • Hand her that glass of wine and treat her to a candle light dinner as a surprise.
  • Never criticize her mother however much she may do so.
  • Share household chores without being asked.
  • Do a small and tasteful striptease for her to get her in a romantic mood.
  • Enroll both of you in a dance class she always wanted to go to.
  • Let her have the last piece of cake.
  • Support her in her diet plan by eating the same kind of food (without cribbing).
  • Help her paint her nails.
  • Pack a simple but filling meal when she is working late and take it to her office.
  • Tell her she looks beautiful even when she does not look her best.
  • Always appreciate any food she makes, just for the effort she puts in.